April 2009

I actually made some progress on my work today — always a good thing!!!  Breakfast was the usual :)


For lunch, I heated up some Indian food that I cooked last night — Tasty Bite Punjab Eggplant with a serving of brown rice and a side of veggies.


It was pretty good and sort of spicy. I got this at Fresh & Easy and it made 2 servings at 140ish calories each!!


Of course, I went shopping on my lunch break and didn’t get back to the office to eat until 2 and I was WAY past the hungry point.  So right after I finished my lunch, I dug into my pre-workout snack — a chocolate mocha Fiber One bar.  This is the first time I’ve had this flavor and I wasn’t disappointed!  The PB is still my absolute favorite, but this one definitely gets second place.  The mocha was a great extra :)


Orange you glad I painted my nails this fun shade??? HAHAHAHA, I’m so funny.

After work, I hit the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical. I found some Fine Young Cannibals to rock out to on my iPod, old-schooL!!  For dinner, I made a quick salad with spinach, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, and Catalina free dressing to get something in my stomach before showering.


After my shower, I cooked up a batch of black/kidney bean burgers.  1 cup of beans made 4 burgers, two for tonight and two for tomorrow.  They didn’t stick together all that well, but they still tasted good!  Especially drizzled with Bone Suckin’ Sauce.


Right now I am watching last night’s Law & Order SVU while eating a little dessert. This cup of ice cream with 2 dried cantaloupe pieces is DEEElicious!


Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Ate the lunch I brought from home instead of picking up food from a restaurant with everyone else (yes, my office eats out a lot!)
  2. Tricked my hungry tummy with a mug of tea instead of another snack before going to the gym
  3. Skipped the carb-y side with dinner

The weekend is almost here! It’s supposed to be warm again, so I am crossing my fingers for the beach! Anyone else planning to catch some rays?

This week feels like it’s off to a slow start! Work is dragging like whoa. Monday morning I woke up at 5 AM feeling sick and was up for a bit, but felt much better by the time I got into the office and dug into my yogurt mess.


A little before noon, I had my Chocolate Chip Z-Bar from Saturday for some pre-workout fuel.


Yup, I tried to make a gym stop during lunch on Monday!  I was able to hit the elliptical for 30 minutes, which was great, but I was racing back and forth between the office and the gym, and it still took me more than an hour.  So it looks like going to the gym during lunch isn’t going to work, but at least I gave it a try and found that out!

I took my really sore ankles and calves over to Coral Tree Cafe and treated myself to my favorite no-mayo tuna salad.


After work, Kate came over with a nice bottle of red from TJ. I had a small glass of Cabernet Sauvignon while cooking up dinner.  Julia, Kate and I split a baked acorn squashed stuffed with 2 servings of quinoa cooked with raisins & figs, 2 chile lime chicken burgers and one beef burger.  We ended up only making two servings of everything, but it made more than enough food for all three of us.  The acorn squash turned out perfect!


After dinner, we watched last week & last night’s Gossip Girl while eating dessert, which was a whole variety of treats.  I had some more s’more (haha) ice cream with one of Julia’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.


Plus a few slices of dried cantaloupe. I was way too stuffed after all this…definitely too many sweets!


Three Things for Monday

  1. Attempted to workout at lunch
  2. Ordered salad dressing on the side & only used half
  3. Limited myself to one small glass of wine

If I am going to be totally honest with myself though (and with you!!), I think this was my worst day of “three things” thus far.  Aside from the salad dressing at lunch, I didn’t feel like I was making conscious healthy choices, especially when it came to dessert.  I gave all those snacks last night some serious consideration as I was eating them, but I ate too many sweets anyway.  I want to be able to name off three good choices every day without having to think long and hard about it, so I will definitely keep working on that :)

I woke up tired again today! Luckily another yogurt mess was there to the rescue. Today I added in some figs after enjoying them so much in my dinner last night.


Lunch was a random mishmash of food I grabbed as I literally ran out the door.  It ended up being surprisingly delicious!  I had a serving of breaded eggplant, a nuked sweet potato, and a fuji apple.


Lunch held me over pretty well actually! Around 3:30 I had a pre-workout snack of ak-mak crackers with hummus. I love that this combo is under 150 calories!


Unfortunately, I was pretty hungry again by the time I hit the gym but I refrained from snacking and did 60 minutes on the elliptical. My ankles are feeling much better today, which makes working out a lot easier! I also had a new book with me, Queen of the Road by Doreen Orion, which helped the time pass quickly.

For dinner tonight, I was totally inspired by Kath’s calzones and decided to use one of my leftover dough balls from Sunday to make one.  I stuffed the homemade honey rosemary whole wheat dough with 1/4 cup sauce, 1/4 part skim shredded mozzarella cheese, basil, 3 chopped mushrooms and a big handful of spinach.  Here’s the calzone pre-folding…


…and after baking!



This is the first time I have ever made a calzone and I think it turned out pretty great!  It’s weird how you can use the exact same ingredients you use to make a pizza, yet the end result seems to taste so much different. I also had a few veggies on the side.


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Passed on ordering in Chipotle at lunch
  2. Refrained from drinking diet soda (I usually don’t drink this at work, but I had a huge craving for it today but made myself drink tea instead)
  3. Had a small glass of milk instead of dessert before going to bed

Okay you guys, it’s LATE and I’m needing some sleep.  Will I ever get to bed before midnight??  Hmmm, let me go ponder that question while catching those zzzs.  By the way, thoughts on TBL?!?!

Saturday morning, I woke up way too early as usual, so I caught up on some TV while eating my yogurt mess.  I used another (#3 out of 4!!) of my Oikos coupons and tested the blueberry variety. It was good, but I liked the vanilla better, maybe since I am adding fruit myself anyway.  I am still crossing my fingers on finding the honey one! The Oikos makes for a much thicker yogurt base, can’t you tell?!


After a relaxing morning of TV catch-up and packing for my night in Laguna, Becky picked me up and we headed over to the outlets.  On the way, we stopped into Whole Foods for some lunch goodies. I got an amazing mix of different quinoa and wheatberry salads, plus some veggies and pieces of pineapple. I ate every bite!


I also ate about half of this piece of chicken for a protein boost. Whoa, I was STUFFED after all these goodies!


Finally we made it to the outlets and started shopping for Becky’s upcoming move to NYC.  She leaves in just a few weeks (!!!) for the NY Teaching Fellows and wanted to get some gear for her new work environment.  The Southern California uniform of flip flops, yoga pants & tank probably won’t quite cut it there LOL. We found some AMAZING sales, and I ended up getting a very bright yellow skirt and an equally bright yellow top at Banana Republic. After walking around the mall for 4 hours or so, my still-full belly was asking for some froyo so we swung by Haagen-Dazs and I grabbed a cup of regular vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. This perfectly hit the spot!


Tired but successful, we headed back to Becky’s place in Laguna…definitely stopping at Starbucks on the way for a skinny vanilla latte. Yummy and much needed!


Back at Becky’s, we lazed around and waited for Julia to drive down after work and meet us for dinner. Becky and I talked about books (thanks again for slipping me The Red Tent!!) and drank her family’s signature Cosmo Lights.  Here’s mine chilling with some cute tabletop decorations!


When Julia arrived in Laguna, we all scrambled to get ready and make it out to dinner before the kitchen closed. Why oh why am I always on the latest schedule?? We got to the restaurant maybe a few minute before ten and immediately ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate Becky’s birthday. Cheers BeckY!!!!



Julia & I wanted to take Becky out for a special dinner to celebrate, so we went to K’ya, since Becky had never been there before and we thought it would be nice to do something different. Score!!! This restaurant was SO good. Everything was basically priced to share (served tapas-style and mostly $5 dishes), but the portions were way bigger than we expected!  This place was a real deal! The three of us shared everything below:

Three Cheese Macaroni — wild mushrooms, pesto, truffle crust, parmesan, gruyere & gorgonzola


Bruschetta with hummus, grilled peppers, olives & capers


Flash Fried Calamari with sweet & spicy thai glaze, bean sprouts, carrots, peanuts, cilantro & green onions (hands-down best calamari I have ever eaten!)


An order of crispy sweet potato fries — some people (AHEM!) couldn’t wait for me to take a picture before testing these :)


And then we each ordered our own mini burger to finish off the meal!


Of course we couldn’t leave without some singing! Our waiter brought over a chocolate cake dessert with a candle and Becky tolerated our off-key, enthusiastic rendition of HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


The three of us shared the warm chocolate cake, eaten along with bites of chilly ice cream.


But the real star was the French Toast-style dessert. DELISH!!


Here’s a picture of me with the birthday girl! Happy happy day Becky, we love you!


After dinner, Julia cabbied it home and Becky and I went next door to The Sandpiper (apparently only people who don’t live in Laguna call it that, everyone else just says The Piper) and met up with Kate and one of her friends who was in town visiting along with her brother and two Italian cousins.  We all just danced the rest of the night away!  Around 1 AM I turned into a tired crazy lady and we all made our way home where I got into bed and crashed hard.

Julia & I were up with the sun so we could get back to LA before her 10 AM shift at work. We stopped by the Becky & Kate recommended Shirley’s for breakfast to-go.


I got an amazing oat bran bagel with light cream cheese on the side. Everything I ate this weekend was seriously stellar!


I also snagged a diet lemon Snapple. For some reason, I couldn’t even attempt coffee. Too early maybe?


I got to take a nice little power nap when I got home, which was great and much needed. Afterwards, I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, and being lazy. Around noon, I snacked on some frozen greens — peas and edamame.


Since I had plenty of time to make lunch and didn’t get to do my pizza Friday this week, I decided to make some dough and roll out a mini pizza for lunch. I used the honey whole wheat recipe and separated it into 3 balls.  I rolled some fresh rosemary into the crust too, and 1/4 cup oats, for some extra taste and texture.  I topped the pizza with tomato basil hummus, mushrooms, more rosemary and sea salt.  Very basic and very good!


The pizza kept me full for hours and hours. Dinner came in bits and pieces between 7-11. First, I had some red pepper slices.


Then I had a chile lime chicken burger with a nice little swirl of ketchup.


I could NOT think of what else I wanted to eat with this, but Julia finally saved the day by letting me steal a nice big bowl of her spaghetti squash.


All my dinner items were eaten simply to get me to dessert. I had a huge craving for ice cream ALL day yesterday and decided to eat some after dinner instead of during the day (for me, that always turns into eating it ALL day).  I found a new slow churned limited edition flavor that I haven’t seen yet — S’mores — and just had to give it a try!


This flavor has chocolate and toasted marshmallow light ice creams with pieces of marshmallow, graham crackers, and chocolate chips. It’s awesome!! If you like s’mores, I definitely recommend this one!

On a somewhat unrelated note, I read about Jenna @ Eat Live Run’s terrible loss this morning, and wanted to just put it out there to the universe that everyone is thinking of her and to please send some positive thoughts and vibes her way.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! Hmm, is that an oxymoron?? :)

Almost forgot!

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Skipped the pizzas and pastas I was eyeing at WF in favor of the whole grain salads, veggies and protein
  2. Ordered non-fat froyo at Haagen-Dazs instead of ice cream
  3. Decided not to snack before going to dinner, ever though we didn’t eat until 10

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Ordered light cream cheese on the side and spread a pretty thin layer on my bagel
  2. Made my lunch pizza without any cheese
  3. Refrained from eating any of the homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies Julia was baking last night (smelled amazing though!!!)

Happy Belated Administrative Professionals Day!! That’s what we were shouting when we surprised the office managers with brunch Friday morning. Everyone brought in food and we had a little potluck.  I donated chocolate chip muffins, homemade by India Thursday night, to the table — thanks India!!  We got a huge jug of Starbucks coffee.  I had two cups and MAN that stuff is way stronger than what I make at home.  I was not wired at all but in a caffeine stupor.  I also had a bagel (just half is pictured here but I ate the whole thing!) with low-fat cream cheese, a slice of chocolate rugelach, and some apple slices & cubes of pineapple.  VERY FILLING!


For lunch I brought my leftovers from last night. These burgers are great. This hummus is great. I love this meal!  Instead of sweet potato on the side, I sliced up some polenta and nuked it. It’s much better when baked/broiled, but it fit in my mini tupperware and was easy to make (two big lunch requirements LOL).


I had this piece of rugelach x way too many more bites along with some apple slices and pineapple, making me lose the good food feeling I had after lunch.  The rugelach was absolutely delicious but I definitely overdid it with breaking off and eating too many pieces because I was FULL to the brim on sugar and it did not feel so good.


Luckily Julia was home and wanted to go on a hike with me after work.  We hiked the hard side of the canyon going up, and ran down the middle paved trail. Man, one week break from exercise really does make a difference! I was huffing and puffing way more than usual. On the way home, we dropped into Coffee Bean and I got an iced coffee to help me power through the night!

Of course, we were running late as usual and got home at 8:30 still needing to shower, eat dinner and get ready to go to an 80s tribute show at 9:30, oops! I had a La Tortilla Factory tortilla stuffed with a TJ chile lime chicken burger and some tomato & basil hummus with broccoli on the side. These burgers have 19 grams of protein!


By some crazy miracle (or because the boys knew we would be late and told us to come an hour earlier than the band went on LOL), we got to the bar before the show started.  The 80s band was awesome!! I wanted to hold onto the healthy mindset I had forced between eating all that pastry and going on a hike, so I stuck to diet coke at the bar. Surprisingly I don’t need a drink to dance at a bar, crazy, right?!

When I got home around 1 AM, I was pretty hungry so I poured maybe a cup, cup & a half of Kashi with some strawberries and caught up on The Office!


Today I am headed to the outlets and then Laguna Beach for dinner with Becky.  Hope y’all are having a great weekend!

Three Things for Friday

  1. Walked to the canyon (adds about 4 miles round trip to the hike) instead of driving there
  2. Low calorie, high protein dinner
  3. Drank only diet coke at the bar

Clearly I didn’t get to the store last night for yogurt or kashi, because breakfast today was a packet of apple cinnamon low sugar oatmeal with a banana cut up and mixed in while cooking. The banana was decently ripe, so this bowl was especially fluffy and sweet!


For lunch, I had a side salad and the Chicken Pasta Pomodoro Kashi frozen meal.  I really wasn’t in love with this, but I do like the pasta a lot and the 19 grams of protein keep me full forever!



My dinner tonight was awesome! I made black/kidney bean veggie burgers again and they totally ROCKED!!!  This time, I used black & kidney beans, mushrooms, red pepper slices, onion, basil, red pepper flakes, bread crumbs, egg white, and BBQ sauce.  I shaped 4 burgers so I still have some for lunch tomorrow!  I put the burgers on top of some lettuce and topped them with TJ tomato & basil hummus.  This combo is BOMB!! If you have never had hummus on your veggie burgers, do it now!  I also sliced and baked a sweet potato for the side.


After dinner, I swung by India’s house to watch her show — it’s super funny!!  She also made my muffins for the office brunch tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to do it when I got home :)

For dessert, I had the other half of my froyo. Just as good the next day!


I’d love to stay and chat for a bit, but I am so sleepy right now!!! Leaving you with my three things :)

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Got a Kashi frozen meal instead of the Amy’s I wanted to try because there was a lot less calories and much more protein in the Kashi
  2. Passed on the chocolate almond toffee one of our clients brought into work today
  3. Skipped the chocolate chip muffins at India’s house

I apologize right now for some of these pictures!! Apparently the rechargeable batteries I had no longer work, and I don’t have any other batteries lying around, so I had to use my cell phone. In a dim restaurant. Yes, they are crapola.

For breakfast, I had a lovely yogurt mess with some figs added for extra umph because I only had a tiny bit of kashi left to sprinkle in the mix! Must buy more ASAP!


For lunch, we headed out to Bev Hills to celebrate L’s birthday (same one we had cake for yesterday). I got a very delicious grilled veggie & goat cheese sandwich. I ate half at the cafe and saved the other half to snack on at the office!


For dessert our server brought out grilled nutella sandwiches with a candle so we could sing to the birthday girl, but I only had one bite. I love Nutella, but I was seriously full!  Back home after work, I snacked on an apple to tide me over until dinner. If this picture looks familiar, it’s because I had the same snack Friday when my camera was not broken…thought you guys deserved at least one good shot!


Julia and I went to the cast & crew screening of Bring It On: Fight to the Finish…Julia has a speaking part in the movie and she rocked!!!! GO ROOMIE!!!!  She is listed in the credits as Shoevite Girl because she gives the cheerleaders stiletto heels as invites to this big party.  Maybe I should start calling her that, what do you think Jules?!?  Haha, just kidding.  The movie was actually really cute tho and the dancing is sick!

We were ravenous by the time we got out and hit up Sushi Dan for some yummy treats. I love that I can get good sushi at 10 PM, thank goodness! We started with some hot sake thanks to our friend Brian who was bartending last night. Sake glasses are so cute :)


We also had miso soup…


…and edamame!


Sushi Dan has CRAZY sushi rolls, but I decided to stick to the classics and ordered a spicy tuna roll and a CA roll. Both were awesome, as usual. Again, seriously sorry about these pictures LOL.



After dinner, Julia and I hit up Yogurt Stop for a little froyo treat. Again, love that you can get froyo at 11:30 PM. What would I do without all these late night restaurant hours?! I had a mix of flavors with some sprinks.


Three Things for Wednesday:

  1. Ordered my sandwich w/o the basil garlic sauce (I really don’t mind going condiment free!)
  2. Only had one bite of dessert at lunch
  3. Split my froyo order in half and saved the rest for tonight

So I haven’t been to the gym in a WEEK and my body is kind of mad at me I think. I can’t go tonight but hopefully tomorrow since I won’t be going out until late! Hopefully I can score some batteries today too :)

Happy almost weekend everybody!!

By the way, DONUT GIVEAWAY at An Apple A Day!! YUMMERS!!

Thanks for all your great feedback on the event Saturday!! The rest of the weekend was very relaxing. I tried to sleep late but was up early anyway, so I relaxed for a bit with a cup of coffee.


Then I started getting a rumbly tummy, so I made the usual.


After getting ready for the day, I made a pit stop at Best Buy to drop off my camera. All the rest of my photos will be from the old camera I resurrected from a drawer in my bedroom. So glad that I am a pack rat!  I have the special charger for the batteries (yup, old school batteries) and the USB cable, whew!  After leaving my camera in the capable (hopefully!) hands of the Geek Squad, I hopped on the highway and headed down to Laguna Beach. I don’t have any pictures from Sunday because the camera batteries were charging at home, but believe me, it was an amazing day!

We are having a heat wave in CA and it was 95 degrees so of course we had to do a big beach trip. Laguna isn’t the closest beach by far, but Becky & Kate J (they are sisters, in case you were wondering!) hail from Laguna and their parents still live down there, making it the perfect place for beaching and having a big, family-style BBQ/beer pong/piano-playing food fest afterward.  On the way down to the beach, I got caught in some traffic but snacked on some strawberries that I so ingeniously thought to pack. For lunch, Becky and I traded halves of two delicious sandwiches — smoked salmon with cream cheese and grilled veggie with hummus & olive tapanade. MMM! Later I snuck 4 Sun Chips to crunch while reading Book Numero 2 in the Twilight series. Yup, 4…I am v. impressed by the brief appearance of my willpower!!

Back at the house, Chef Becky got cooking for the group…there were maybe 15 of us all together? We snacked on bread and cheese while everything was being marinated, mixed, boiled & baked.  The boys grilled chicken and turkey sausage, and I helped BeckO make a dreamy potato salad that was just red potatoes, balsamic vinegar, S&P, green onions, dill, cilantro & basil. It was delicious! She also cooked some beans and I made two chocolate cakes topped with some of Becky’s homemade icing.  Oh!! She also made the house drink, Cosmos, to go with our Coronas. It was a great night! I ate a little bit of everything we made, but was actually kind of full from the sun and the taste testing bites I took while cooking, so I didn’t over indulge in anything except maybe the bread when we first got home.

The weather stayed gorgeous all night, so of course none of us wanted to leave! I finally headed out around 11 PM and it was STILL hot enough to be outside in just our bathing suits and sundress cover ups…crazy!!

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Snacking on 4 Sun Chips instead of mindlessly munching from the bag
  2. Enjoying my Cosmo from a short glass, instead of a tall one
  3. Eating a few bites of chocolate cake instead of a big slice

Yesterday I was SO excited to be back at work of course. Kicked off the day with the usual good start!


I was too tired last night to think about food, so I just swung by the grocery store and picked up a Lean Cuisine and some of those Green Giant Immunity Blend veggies.



By the end of the day, I basically felt like crud and just wanted to get home as fast as possible. I had every good intention of making myself some soup and buying some fresh Vitamin-C packed veggies to juice for a refreshing, throat-soothing pick-me-up, but by the time I got back to the apartment, I realized that my plan actually required having some energy in the first place, so I just raided the fridge instead. I started with this cool, soothing bowl of fruit.


Followed by a cup of icy frozen peas.


I was still sort of stuck on the idea of soup, but the 100 million degree heat in my apt changed my mind. Instead I made a super fast cold Mexican salad with lettuce blend, cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup cold black & kidney beans mixed, one 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole pack, and some salsa. On the side, I had a La Tortilla Factory tortilla spread with some of the guac.  I ate this outside becuase it was cooler out there than it was in my place!!


I finished off dinner with a freezer-burned mango popsicle from Trader Joe’s. All I wanted was something cool and soothing! I love these TJ popsicles, especially the Caribbean ones!


Three Things for Monday

  1. Going to the grocery store to get a Lean Cuisine & veggies instead of picking up food or ordering in
  2. Skipping the office latte run
  3. Eating a popsicle to soothe my throat instead of running out for some ice cream (which I seriously debated…being sick/tired won out!!)

Today I am feeling better but not awesome. I made the usual for breakfast. I am out of frozen fruit and almost done with my box of Kashi, oh no! I might have to make a grocery run today…


For lunch, I finally got my soup! I had a bowl of Progresso Minestrone with a serving of ak-mak crackers on the side. Yum, it is much cooler in my office since we actually have AC here!!


I have also been guzzling Emergen-C all day, so hopefully this stuff works its magic :)


After lunch, we celebrated an office birthday with some ice cream cake. In my office, we all sing and then eat the cake together and chat, sort of a little break/bonding. I tried to be good by asking for a smaller slice. Some cake I could turn down completely, but not a chocolate peanut butter ice cream one! Ice cream cake is my absolute favorite. For some reason it did NOT sit well in my stomach though! I could feel my belly sloshing all over the place.

Once I got home, I decided to take a walk to Trader Joe’s to pick up some goodies for dinner. I am feeling better but not great, and this seemed like the best way to get some air and movement! Back home, I made a nice side salad with Catalina free dressing.


I cooked up some Italian, TJ style. First, eggplant cutlets. These are great! About 170 calories per serving and SO tasty.  I also made 1 cup dry whole wheat and vegetable pasta blend. Delish!


I also sipped on a bottle of Full Sail Pale Ale. I am not a big beer drinker, but for some reason, a cold beer sounded so amazing to me, and since you can get just one at TJ, I picked up this guy! I drank half with dinner.


For dessert, I grabbed some TJ Organic Soy Creamy Chocolate goodness. I wanted something cold but the freezer was seriously cleaned out!! Everyone must be thinking the same thing as me in all this heat. I had a few spoonfuls of this — pretty good!  I should have just put it in a bowl because my few bites definitely turned into at least a serving, oops.


Right now I am watching TBL. Mike is about to talk to his dad…Can’t wait to see what happens!!

Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Brought healthy crackers for my soup instead of grabbing a roll
  2. Walked to the grocery store
  3. Drank 1/2 beer rather than the whole bottle

Last but not least, I got tagged by Danielle to do the Survey of 8’s that’s been going around.  Thanks Danielle!!

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. Visiting my sister in Boston
  2. Getting my camera back
  3. Becca coming to LA
  4. Weekend trips to Laguna
  5. Eating my first watermelon of the season
  6. Using my tax return to pay off my credit card!
  7. Going to Julia’s movie screening tomorrow night!!
  8. Next girls’ weekend in Vegas

8 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Finished the New Moon book
  2. Ate dinner outside
  3. Turned on my fan for the first time since last summer
  4. Snuggled in front of said fan with the kitties (they wanted to get cool too!!)
  5. Bummed around on the couch, being sick…sorry, I’m not very exciting when I don’t feel good!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Remember to schedule my long list of doctors appointments!!
  2. Surf
  3. Live even closer to the ocean
  4. See my family and friends back East all the time
  5. Have a list of ever book I’ve ever read
  6. Find 1 new sport and 1 new hobby I really love
  7. Sail a boat
  8. Roadtrip cross country

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. The Office
  2. The Biggest Loser
  3. Gossip Girls
  4. Private Practice
  5. Grey’s Anatomy
  6. 30 Rock
  7. New Adventures of Old Christine
  8. Samantha Who

Now I have to tag 8 people to fill out this survey…hope you guys haven’t already done it (or actually want to do it LOL)!!


HOT IN, SO HOT IN HERE!!! Man, it’s like 90 degrees right now in my apartment. I’m sweating up a storm!! Okay, I have an epic post ahead so I can share my adventures from Saturday :)

I woke up at 4:30 AM (good times) so I could make it up to Carmel before noon. I toasted up a Perfect 10 bagel with AB and Better N’ Peanut Butter with half a banana sliced on top for some fuel. It was weird eating so early in the morning!


I was on the road by 5:30 with a big steamy cup of tea — way too early for coffee! The roads were very peaceful so early in the day. The first half of the drive was through mountains like these:


Around 9 AM I started to get hungry. That’s when I realized it had already been 4 hours since breakfast! Luckily I packed a Fiber One Oats & Peanut Butter bar. The PB chips in this guy are oh so good!!


I also stopped for gas and a non-fat latte in King City. It’s crazy how desolate some areas of CA can be. I had been driving for about 4 hours by the time I stopped, and this was the first town I had seen in maybe 100 miles??


By now, the sun was shining and I was grooving out to Jack & Johnny (Jackson & Rzeznik of course!). I drove past a whole bunch of vineyards, plus farms, a military base, and a corrections facility — how’s that for a varied landscape!

When I finally got to Pebble Beach Food & Wine, there was a little runaround trying to track down my ticket but I finally made it into the tents! This thing was HUGE!! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but there were tons of people milling around. Immediately, I was handed a wine glass and sent off to start tasting — my kind of event!

Oh, quick disclaimer here…so at the game Friday night, I dropped my camera and SMASHED the screen. I still took a ton of pictures at the event, but I could only see 1/4 of the photo on the screen (surprisingly, the photos aren’t that bad…apparently I’ve gotten much better at this food photography thing!). Also, I tried most of the wines right there at the table so I could speak with the vineyard reps (same with the food) but I still snapped a bunch of shots to share with you guys!

There were over 300 wines believe it or not. I didn’t even make the tiniest dent.  There were also chefs all over serving amazing bites of their signature recipes. Some faces that my very untrained eye recognized included Cat Cora (so cute!!), Jamie Lauren, Stefan Richter, Tom Colicchio (also so cute!!), as well as a bunch of familiar names. Here are some of my highlights!

Jonata Cabernet Sauvignon (my only red of the day actually) was nice and mellow.


I followed this wine with a cabbage & smoked sturgeon soup with caviar made by Jean Joho. Never in my life have I seen as much caviar as I did Saturday! The cold sturgeon taste just didn’t appeal to me very much, I have to admit…


I still savored that wine though :)


I switched over to white with a Clos du Val Cabernet that went wonderfully with a fancy creation by Mark Estee — homemade english muffin with tomato jelly, Becker Lane pork, and romaine “ice cream!”


Then I happened to bump into the beer section so I got a Stella. No, definitely did NOT finish this one — it was huge!!


What goes better with beer than burgers?! Nothing! Next up for me was Gabriel Rucker’s Strawberry Mountain Farms beef burger topped with Tillamook vintage white extra sharp cheddar. This was SO good. Maybe not as fancy as the rest of the food, but it was hands-down the best thing I tried. I had two of these baby burger bites, of course :)


After the burgers, I sipped on a Sauvignon Blanc from Whitehaven. This was my favorite wine of the day!! There were SO many flavors that I could taste (and I am no wine expert), and apparently, it’s only $20 per bottle, which seems like a great price for such an awesome wine. This is the only one I went back for a second pour!


This light white went perfectly with my next few food items, which included two seafood dishes — a mini crabcake by Jerry Regester and crab & caviar a la Cat Cora.



I also taste tested a very interesting dish by Joseph Lenn, which included pork shoulder and crispy black eyed peas. The black eyed peas were cooked so they were very airy and almost popped in your mouth.


Next up was a Voigner by Wild Horse, which I drank with a Lime Fresco chocolate from Lula’s Chocolates. This lime caramel was sprinkled with sea salt!



I was getting pretty full by this time, but I still found room to taste test a few more things, including a liver kidney fois gras pie by Chris Cosentino.  The crispy pastry shell underneath was good, but one bite of this guy and I was moving along. This is definitely something I would have been served at a typical family meal when I was in France, and I would have eaten it without question and really enjoyed it too, but my tastes have definitely shifted since then!


Then came the smoked sturgeon croquette by Michael Mina. Man, I never knew sturgeon was such a hot ingredient (?!?!).


I cleansed my palate with a surprise discovery in the cheese section — Bremner Wafers!!! These were my all-time favorite crackers growing up and are nearly impossible to find. I had a few with cheese and then just finally asked the guy for a few sans topping. I think he thought I was nuts for wanting to toss the brie and just munch on these guys!!


After this, it wasn’t hard to make the transition over to dessert, where I grabbed an amazing chocolate/pear mousse and a little raspberry macaron made by John Hui. The mousse had a fantastic mix of flavors!


I also had a Picket Fence Chardonnay with a Merlot chocolate truffle. What a great way to mix white and red wine :)


I THOUGHT I was getting a dessert when I grabbed this flan by Michael Ginor to taste test…


Nope, apparently flan can be fois gras flavored, and covered in a veal reduction!!! No thanks!  As you can imagine, I needed to grab one more merlot chocolate to even out the taste :)

During the event, I got to hear Tom Colicchio, Jamie Lauren, and Stefan Richter (all from Bravo’s Top Chef) speak about their experiences both on and off the show. I got a great photo too but it’s on the camera I borrowed from Becky, so it will be a surprise (i.e., when I can download the photo) when it shows up on the blog!!

Right near the end, I met up with some of the girls from the Foodbuzz staff. So lucky I caught them before everyone left!! We drove over to the other end of Pebble Beach with Denise and Laudalino from Chez Us to grab a drink and chat with Pim from Chez Pim. These guys have some pretty fantastic websites!!  I had a baby glass of champagne before switching over to some coffee. The Foodbuzz girls are awesome, totally wish I could have stayed the rest of the weekend — hope y’all had a blast!

Finally, I had to peace out if I wanted to make it back to LA at a reasonable hour (reasonable, of course, meaning midnight). On the way back down Pebble Beach, I stopped for a few great shots. It was SUCH a gorgeous area. The top beaches were foggy, cold and smelled like the sea.


After driving just a few minutes, the fog suddenly lifts and it’s all gorgeous trees, cliffs and beaches. Here’s Cypress Point Lookout:


Then The Lone Cypress Tree. How cool is this?!


And finally, Pescadero Point. Check out this eerie blanket of dense fog!  Apparently this stretch of the beach is haunted by the Lady in Lace…


I got back on the road and reached good ole King City around 7:30. I stopped there for dinner since there isn’t much besides fast food anywhere else on the highway! I picked up the best long day/long drive food ever — pizza. I actually eyed this place when I stopped off for coffee and am so glad I remembered that there was also this cute little pizzaria.

Fresh! To-go! Perfect!


I got a small pizza with green peppers. MMM! I ate the entire thing over the 6 hour drive home. Seriously, those last slices saved me when I started to get loopy around hour 5. Every time I needed another blood sugar rush, I had another piece and it immediately perked me up :)



Thin & crispy!


Early morning and late night driving always makes me feel like I’m channeling Jack Kerouac, see what I mean?


I made it home safe & sound!  I had such a great time and I only got to experience a few hour stretch of a 4 day event, so I can only imagine what the rest of the weekend was like!  Thanks Foodbuzz for letting me check it out — you guys rock!!

Oops, and I can’t forget…

Saturday Three Things

  1. Making breakfast at home instead of getting a bagel w/cream cheese on the road (which was my original plan!)
  2. Ordering thin crust pizza instead of regular
  3. Skipping a snack when I got home late night
I’ll have to play catch-up with Sunday and today at some point tomorrow. I am getting SICK unfortunately and should get into bed sooner rather than later! Hope you all enjoyed reading about this fantastic event…if you ever get a chance to check out even just the one big tasting that I did, you definitely should!

Hi everybody! Hope you are all having a great weekend. I am relaxing and enjoying my morning cup of joe. Still pretty tired after the 12 hours I spend driving yesterday so I could go to Pebble Beach Food & Wine. It was awesome!! I have so much I want to share with you guys so look for all that jazz later today!

Friday I woke up very happy about the impending weekend. Whew, this week was a real creeper for me!! I had a really great mess for breakfast.


At lunch, Stephanie picked me up from the office and we headed over to Poquito Mas for burritos. I got the Nature’s Grill again — the eggplant/black beans combo is killer! No cheese or sour cream needed, simply pure veggie delight. And I kept my fingers out of the basket of chips only to discover that just the burrito itself will keep me full! Surprise, surprise :)


Can you tell that I’m loving neon lately?!

I also grabbed my payday Starbucks, an iced coffee this time, for a late afternoon pick-me-up.


After work, I raced home to get ready for my first Dodgers game! I snacked on this oddly non-juicy green apple with cinnamon.


For the game, the girls picked up beers and I grabbed this very cute mini bottle of Chardonnay for less than $2!


I THOUGHT dinner at the game would be Dodger dogs and hot pretzels but Becky brought ingredients for salads and whipped up these individual dinners for us at the game. How cute is that?!?


Our salads had spinach, peppers, walnuts, goat cheese, avocado, seasoned & grilled shrimp, and homemade dressing.  It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


Plus a piece of olive bread on the side.


Becky, you ROCK!!!

I had another glass of wine at the game. Wait, make that plastic cup.


We had awesome seats behind home plate. The Dodgers were losing when we showed up, but we must have been their good luck charm for the night because they won the game! Go team!!!


Manny Ramirez making solid contact!!


Here we are with our game faces!! Oh yeah, India is munching on our dessert — baby carrots! Yes, the people around us eating greasy food were both amused and jealous. Well, we are assuming the jealous part after all the oohing and ahhing we did over Becky’s food!!




What a great night!!

So my sister and I had a long talk and we were discussing healthier habits in general. I decided that each day I will do 3 things, or make 3 choices, that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. These things can be small, they just have to be conscious decisions to do something differently.

Three Things for Friday

1) Skipped on tortilla chips at the Mexican restaurant at lunch

2) Went with Steph to get froyo after eating but listened to my “full” body cues and didn’t get any

3) Ate salad for dinner at the game and refrained from eating hot dogs or pretzels or nachos or any of that stuff

There you have it! I am amazed at how those 3 little things on Friday probably saved me hundreds of calories. Hopefully this will jump start a healthier mindset!!

I’m headed down to Laguna to finish out the weekend with a beach day but will definitely post tonight about Pebble Beach!! Peace out :)

Breakfast yesterday was a great yogurt mess since I finally stocked up on some goodies! This bowl had mango, strawberries, half banana, blueberries, and kashi. Yummers.


The rest of the day was filled with decadent treats. Lunch included two 50 cal La Tortilla Factory tortillas topped with part of a sweet corn tamale that I got at the Farmer’s Market, black/kidney bean mix, chopped green peppers and salsa. I love these tamales! I only used a little more than half though for both tortillas because I wanted to save room for dessert…


…a peanut butter chocolate cupcake from Crumbs!! One of the girls in my office brought back everyone their own cupcake. Mine had chocolate cake and PB cream cheese icing. Yup, it tasted just as good as it looks!


Of course, the gym was in order after this baby! Luckily I had my iPod and some new magazines so I was able to elliptical for 60 without getting bored. My arches have been hurting me lately, so I tried to make an effort to keep my feet flat on the elliptical. For some reason, I always want to do this machine on my toes?!

After the gym, I headed home for a quick dinner before going out.  I had some strawberries right before I hopped into the shower. 


This fruit kicked in a craving for another yogurt mess (gasp!!) so that’s what I had. Is twice in one day weird?? Same as this morning…


Then I raced over to the Roxy to see Kate’s boyfriend play a show. I had a vodka soda and danced my butt off. Awkward self-photography ensued!


Julia and I got back to our place around midnight. Of course, the late hour and one drink triggered my snacking reflexes, even though I honestly wasn’t a bit hungry. As I got into bed, I had not one but TWO snacks…

a mini hot pretzel with a smear of AB on top…


…and a handful of Easter chocolate. Uhh…way to eat intuitively there Kate!!

Today I am going for Mexican at lunch with Steph (going to get the veggie/bean burrito again probably and lay off the chips!!!) and then to a Dodgers game after work!! I haven’t been to a baseball game since I lived in DC 2.5 years ago, so I’m pretty psyched!! Now I just have to get through work haha. Hope you all have a great Friday!

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