Thursday morning I woke up so happy to get the long weekend started. WHOOHOO!


I had one more last minute thing to finish for the client whose project I’ve been working on the last week, so the day flew by pretty quickly.  I didn’t even have a minute to leave for lunch! But I did manage to squeeze in some fruit and a Lean Cuisine.


Look at those blackberries!!


I was working down to the wire since we were leaving early but at 3 PM my boss told me send the last email and PEACE OUT.  Love that. I came home and settled down with one of my girly books (Jemima J, always re-read this one!) and some TJ pita chips. Reduced guilt? Sea salt? Sign me up!


After the snacking, I decided to go for a little run.  I haven’t been in the mood to exercise lately but I think a lot of that is because it’s late and I am tired by the time I get home from work.  Getting home earlier today meant I had an extra two hours, and with the sun still out, I was super motivated to get outdoors!  I ended up doing a 2.7 run (okay, okay, jog) around my neighborhood and didn’t stop to walk once!! This might not sound like much but it felt huge to me, even though I was jogging along pretty slowly at the end, I kept going! I was a red sweaty mess afterward. Sexy, I know.

I showered, shaved and exfoliated like whoa so I could hit up the tanning salon next door for a spray tan.  I’ve never tried one of these before but I figured with the next few days of beach/pools/bbqs it would be nice to have some color rather than be a white/red splotchy mess. I felt like an idiot doing the “poses” in the Magic Tan booth, but I love the look! I might possibly be hooked…then I swung by Whole Foods to grab the Amy’s burgers that Jess recommended.  My summer meal was made complete with some SP fries, pickles and corn on the cob.


Yum! Loved the burgers!

After my late dinner, Julia came home for some serious girl chat time. What would I do without her?! Then of course we had to race to Yogurtland before closing time…yes, it closes at midnight and yes, we needed to get froyo even though it was so late.


Summer Lovin!

Happy almost 4th!!!

Wow, it’s been a crazy two days! Wednesday morning I had the usual yogurt mess, which was delicious as always.


The day was taken up by some PR drama with a cap D! One of our clients got some unexpected uncontrolled unplanned (but not bad!!) coverage on Perez, MTV, Entertainment Tonight…so it was a busy morning. Lunch was a frozen Kashi meal I’ve been wanting to try — Lemongrass Coconut Chicken.  Not going to lie, it was the coconut flakes that caught my eye!



I added some more veggies for extra color :)


Around 2, I ended up eating some fruit (mango, kiwi, cinnapple) while heading over the hill to help smooth over another sitch and found myself at Kendra’s bachelorette party (yes, from The Girls Next Door). Only in LA, huh?? All the girls were sweet and cute as buttons!


Since I was already in the Valley, I headed over to Kate’s house for dinner. She and her boys had already eaten, so I snagged a few bites of her amazing pasta before eating myself.  Kate gave me a list of every food under the sun and then I got to customize my own meal. And she cooked it for me!! I love cooking, but it’s so amazing to kick back with a glass of wine while someone else makes you a plate of delicious food, right?! Now presenting dinner by KJ — here’s a face to match with the name…imagine THIS zen lady standing over the stove instead of coasting down an air slide and that’s the scene.


Hi guys!  This is Katie Jo.  Tonight dinner was on me because Tates was stressed and needed a girls night.  We opened a bottle of red wine I’d been saving and watched trashy television. On the menu was pasta with tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, and mushrooms all sauteed together.  On the side we had baked chicken in a homemade marinade and a couple slices of fresh kalamata bread.  It was a fun night of cooking and girl talk that we topped off with a quick stop at Pinkberry.

Kate’s boyfriend snapped the photos of my dinner.  Yup, literally didn’t have to do anything for this meal but eat it!



We debated going to Aroma for dessert but I haven’t had the pink in so long! I got an original tart and pomegranate swirl topped with mini chocolate chips, blackberries and blueberries. I couldn’t get a good photo so I finally gave up to eat this goodness :)


I got home and passed out so hard! I woke up this morning still exhausted for whatever reason. My yogurt mess was good but didn’t do much to energize me. Too bad I don’t have any of that caffeine granola!!


All the events from Wednesday carried over and the day was pretty crazy again. I managed to squeeze in a yummy veggie-overload Lean Cuisine ravioli bowl for lunch.


I also was able to swing by the Farmers’ Market to get some fresh veggies.  My fridge is thanking me right now!!  Late afternoon, we celebrated my boss’s birthday with a big cake. I am not the hugest fan of white cake, but I do love icing so I had a few bites. After working late, I went home for an early-ish dinner.  I snacked on a few hummus dipped green beans while cooking.


I used some of my FM veggies to make a bowl with red peppers, onions, eggplant, chicken, zucchini, and 4 mini potato pierogies.


Dessert was the usual Skinny Cow. Imagine this one but dipped in rainbow sprinkles for some outer layer crunch! Genius.


Right now I am going to have some tea and try to catch up on your gorgeous lives! Hope everyone has a kickass FRIDAY!!! Weekend rolls around again :)

Waking up without any yogurt in the fridge, I made a quick stop at Whole Foods on the way to the office and treated myself to a vanilla Oikos!


We had a few meetings at the office today, which meant lots of muffins, brownies…and Sprinkles cupcakes from yesterday! I stuck to the fruit though; it was so fresh and delicious! The pineapple was bomb.


For lunch I had a Lean Cuisine pizza and some mixed veggies on the side. Nothing that exciting but I was too tired last night to make something!



Later in the afternoon, I snacked on more fruit and a piece of PB roll-up, which is basically a tortilla spread with PB and craisins/raisins and rolled up and diced into spirals. This was a perfect fuel for my workout.  These roll-ups are a favorite in our office :)



After dinner, I headed over the hill to pick up a Father’s Day present for my dad. For some reason, the Best Buy near my house AND the Best Buy near my office didn’t have it in stock. On the way out, I hit the gym in the Valley. The parking lot was a total zoo! I drove around for 15 minutes before deciding to call it quits and as I was leaving, a spot opened up. YAY! I did 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. After the gym, I made a quick stop at Aroma to get dinner to-go. I switched up my usual wild rice tofu salad for the tofu rice bowl. Big changes, I know :)

I love this restaurant! I don’t get to go very often because it’s totally out of the way, but the place is so cute.  My dinner contained wild rice, marinated tofu, broccoli, scallions, serrano chilis, and roasted bell peppers. Look at this beaut!! IT WAS HUGE!


As soon as I got back to the car, I dug in! I ate about 1/6, then another 1/6 after I went to Best Buy (side note, is it weird that I ate twice in parking lots? Hmm…). The last 1/6 I ate after I went grocery shopping and got home. Now I still have half for another meal. What a deal!


My lunch is planned, the groceries are unpacked, True Blood is all cued up and I have a Skinny Cow in hand. I picked up more mint ones tonight, along with Cookies N’ Cream!!!


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Passed on Sprinkles cupcakes again
  2. Snacked on fruit and skipped the muffins
  3. Saved half my big dinner for another meal

Wednesday night, I was feeling pretty tired so I decided it would be a good idea to just lay down for a bit. Ehhh…I woke up at 3:30 AM, lights on, clothes on, contacts in, makeup & hair a wreck!! After a nice tooth brushing session, finding jammies and doing some face cleansing, I made it back into bed for a much sounder 3 more hours of sleep. I awoke feeling not too refreshed and super hungry! My coffee kept me satisfied for the drive over to the office until I could assemble this beaut.


Lunch was a last minute grab-and-go Lean Cuisine, with a side of broc to bulk it up a bit.



I used my break to catch up on my Reader (finally, sorry for the lack of commenting y’all!) and hit up the Farmers’ Market for some fresh produce. The last $6 in my wallet bought me an eggplant, a bunch of basil, 3 peppers (green, yellow, red), 4 baby zuchini, and a bag of sugar snap peas. My fridge will be very happy to see this greenery!

Later in the afternoon, I had a pre-workout snack of a heated cinnapple with 1 serving of crushed ak-mak crackers. I did this once with a Lorna Doone shortbread 100-cal cookie pack and it tasted like a yummy pie crust but ak-mak crackers don’t exactly have the same effect. I bet graham crackers would be good though! Everyone in my office was still jealous of how delicious it smelled…


I almost had a mini freakout at work yesterday.  I have been sick-to-my-stomach missing home and decided to go back in July to see my family. I looked into flights on Monday; between then and yesterday (had to get vacation time approved, check with my family’s schedule, all that jazz), tickets went up $150. Actually, I found the one I wanted to book Wednesday morning but had to wait for my boss’s final okay which I got after lunch. Yes, prices went up $60 in those few hours. Then, thanks to some small miracle, as I was in the process of booking the flight, a message popped up telling me “GOOD NEWS” and that it had dropped back down to the morning price point. No idea why but hey, I’ll take it!  I couldn’t select a seat on the return flight for some reason but at least it’s booked!!! I can’t wait to go back to Jersey and spend a few days at the beach with my family :)

After work, I assessed my mile-long to-do list and decided that a gym session was definitely in order. Luckily I had some good mags from the office and was able to do 50 minutes of intervals on the elliptical before heading home. 

Dinner was prompted after seeing some delicious TJ potstickers on Slim Shoppin’s site. I whipped out my own slightly freezer burned bag and cooked the remaining 4 in a little soy sauce with salted edamame and a great blend of veggies on the side.



With the potstickers coming in at 130 calories for 4, this whole dinner was pretty light for me so I decided to roast some butternut squash to use in Friday’s lunch and have some of the extra as a little snack. I’m very proud of myself for waiting the 40 minutes of slow roasting and not just caving in and making rice which was my other thought! The squash was well worth the wait.


Later I got my Skinny Cow on with a minty cold dessert! This was much needed after I did all my laundry and then the cat peed in my bed. Again.


I’m so glad the weekend is here again already! I am always amazed when Friday rolls around so quickly, even on my busiest weeks. Tonight I am going to see Katie Jo’s boyfriend’s band play at the Viper Room. They are debuting that music video we all did a few months back. Hopefully I can get a link of it so you can see all of our “partying rockstar groupie” impressions in the video :)

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Ate a cinnapple for workout fuel instead of relying on the usual bar
  2. Marinated the potstickers in 1 tbsp of soy sauce instead of using it for dipping (I use so much less that way!)
  3. Waited for the squash to roast instead of making brown rice with my dinner

My breakfast was so good on Wednesday, I just had to repeat it! One of the bread heels was skinny like paper, which made me feel like I was just eating a nice layer of Dark Chocolate Dreams. Can’t complain! I also had half a cinnapple on the side.

bread gone skinny minny

bread gone skinny minny

We celebrated one of my co-worker’s birthdays yesterday, so cupcakes were passed around at 10 AM. I hid mine away so I wouldn’t be tempted; I was much more interested in the ice cream cake we got for after lunch!! Noontime meal was my favorite Lean Cuisine bowl with extra broccoli and the other half of my cinnapple. MMM!


After lunch I finally found the perfect purse for my sister (I say perfect because I sent her a picture text of it and she approved LOL) and hit up the Farmers’ Market for some eggplant, zukes & corn on the cob. I got back to a huge spread of more cupcakes and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake. No picture because we had a mini party and ate in my boss’s office BUT the cake had a brownie bottom and was two layers of ice cream: cookies & cream and peanut butter cookie dough. I had a normal sized slice and enjoyed every single bite. It was OH so good!!!

After cake, we were all smiles — lucky me had my employee review scheduled right after! My bosses were in fabulous moods and the review went great. I even got a little raise WHOOP!!!!! It’s nice to feel like I am progressing and movin’ on up!

My cake eats would have been enough to motivate me to get to the gym but my roomie was having a crapola day so we blew off all our other plans and headed down to the beach for a long walk.  The paths down there are PERFECT for relaxation.  I mean, how can you not be happy when you are looking at THIS?!



We started in Santa Monica and walked 3 miles to J’s usual food spot in Venice, The Terrace Cafe.  This place is so beachy and ridiculously cute. The owner is this Russian dude who wanted to be best friends. He sat us at a corner table and proceeded to send over the hottest waiter in the place. Thank you! I got a Penfolds Chardonnay to sip.


After scanning the massive menu for probably 30 minutes (meat? fish? asian? pasta? salads? HELP!!!), we ended up ordering food NOT on the menu…turkey burgers! I got mine with red peppers and avocado with fries on the side. I took off the bun again and didn’t eat the bread on the bottom either — I didn’t even miss it! More room for fries is what I say :)


After we licked our plates clean, the owner came back over to chat.  He told us that Russians know the way to drink and brought us shots of Russian vodka with PICKLE chasers. I was thinking no way, but he shoved it in my hand and told me to hurry up!!! Umm, ok, sorry sir! FYI, the pickles do NOT do much of anything, even though he tried to convince us that they make the shot taste like a nice warm burn of water. HAHA, right!! We were pretty entertained and our new best friend made sure to call us over for hugs & cheek kisses when we left.

Of course the vodka was 8 million proof and we were a wee bit tipsy for the 3 mile walk back to our car. We tried to jog for like one minute and then realized we just ate a huge meal and drank V so we stopped.  Hello cramping stomach!  We stuck to Main Street instead of cavorting with the bums on the beach in the dark and stopped for drinks at Coffee Bean.  I got a Toffee Rooibos tea latte with non-sugar vanilla powder and skim milk.  It was so insanely good!!!


Jules doubles it up

Jules doubles it up

We got home still feeling a little snacky from the walk back so I ate a skinny cow…


…while packing!  Oh yeah, for my exciting weekend plans — VEGAS!!! The other week, I got a call from my sweet Georgia peach Ali telling me she was going to be in Vegas. Since it’s just a hop away from LA (read, car ride), I am planning to drive down today when I get out of work and just spend the weekend drinking fruity thangs poolside and playing at night. I am so excited to see Alicat!!!! She was my very FIRST LA friend and basically the reason I know all my girlfaces out here now. She literally made the first year I lived out here 8 gajillion times better.  She is awesome and fabulous and gorgeous and I love her!!


So I will be MIA this weekend since I am not taking a computer, but I will take lots of pictures!  It is rainy and gross here in LA so I am extra excited to get some poolside sunnin :)

I’ll try to post again before I peace out but if not, have a great weekend y’all!!!!  I will soak up some rays for you!
Three Things for Thursday
  1. Skipped the 10 AM cupcake and brought it home for the roomie
  2. Added extra veggies to my Lean Cuisine bowl
  3. Ate my turkey burger again sans bread and cheese

Friday morning, I mixed up breakfast a bit with a Perfect 10 bagel topped with 1 tbsp. Chocolate Dreams and 1 tbsp. cherry jelly and 1/2 sliced banana. This breakfast held me over forever!! Must be all the protein in that bagel!


My boss just returned from a press tour in Europe, where he made sure to visit Laduree in Paris to get some famous, fresh macaroons to bring back for us! Here is a picture from the company’s site of the macaroons in all their glory…


Gorgeous, no?? The colorful box of sweets got quickly devoured and there were only a few left when I walked by at only 10:30 so I quickly snagged a coconut one and a piece of the pistachio before they all disappeared! My boss also gave me a bite of her caramel one, which was my favorite of the three. Sorry my photo is not nearly as pretty!


I worked through lunch and ended up making a Lean Cuisine veggie ravioli bowl and added a Green Giant Immunity Blend veggie mix to fill me up. It was awesome as always!


The day was a long one. I snacked on a cinnapple but I was too busy for a photo — I’m sure you can picture it by this point!! I worked at 110% capacity until the clock hit 5:15 and then I peaced out. I got home and met up with my sweet love Julia!!! She has been nannying in Laguna all week and I’ve been all on my lonesome :(

We settled down for some gossip and I had a little more than half this glass of my favorite white, Honey Moon.


Julia convinced me to get off my butt and we walked to Trader Joe’s to pick up some supplies for dinner — gorgeous, gourmet veggie pizzas!!  I brought a piece of red pepper for the walk to hold me over until our late meal.


Back at the apt., I made half white/half whole wheat dough and rolled out 2/3 to make one big pizza. My half had tomato sauce, cheese, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, red onions and fresh basil. Julia topped her crust-less half with tomato sauce, extra cheese, eggplant, zucchini, meatless meatball crumbles, red onions, basil and olives. Before and after!



We added lots of crushed red pepper, which totally made the pizza!! We ate our halves while watching the season finale of Gossip Girl. A lil behind, I know. I was dying when Chuck brought Blair her favorite treat from Paris at the end — the same macaroons from Laduree that I ate today!!!!!  I wish we didn’t have to wait for next season to see what happens :)


Last night I got the baking bug so I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies for Stephanie’s birthday. Best part about baking for someone else — you still get to taste test!  I had one of these cookies hot from the oven with a huge glass of milk, plus some raw cookie dough of course!!


Three Things for Friday

  1. Added extra veggies to my Lean Cuisine
  2. Measured out the cheese for my pizza
  3. Walked to the grocery store instead of driving

I’m so glad the weekend is here! Too bad it’s not supposed to be hot enough for the beach. I might head down there anyway though, just to stick my toes in the sand. And possibly hit up Third Street Promenade for some shopping :)

Yesterday was a pretty slow day at work. Most of the editors in NYC were already gone for the weekend. Breakfast was the usual, a yogurt mess with a mix of fresh & frozen fruit and Kashi.


Just before lunch, the office crew started calling for In N Out. Something tells me that is not so diet friendly! I made a Lean Cuisine pizza instead, with lots of mixed veggies on the side.



The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning & switching offices. One of the girls is leaving (sad!!), but I am getting her office which has a huge window. YAY sunlight! I also snagged a really cute pair of neon pink designer shorts from one of our client promotions. They are a teensy bit tight but I am planning to make them fit soon, ya know?!

We got out of work an hour early so I stopped by the gym for 40 minutes on the elliptical. Then I went to the grocery store and got some goodies for the weekend, like corn on the cob and WATERMELON.  I picked out the smallest melon and it ended up being 16.43 lbs for only $3.12.  How awesome is that?!? I got home feeling weak-in-my-knees hungry and quickly cut up my watermelon. Think I have enough??


I ate a lovely bowl full, plus plenty more while I was cutting it up.


The watermelon totally filled me up and kept me satisfied until I sat down for dinner & a movie around 9. I was craving some pizza even though I had it at lunch (Lean Cuisine pizza SO doesn’t count!!!), so I made some homemade half whole wheat, half white flour dough and topped it with tomato sauce, 1/4 cup low-fat light mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and red onion.  I just divvied my dough up into three parts and saved two.  This way, I am essentially eating 1/3 of the pizza but it feels like I get to eat a whole huge pie!


I also got some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches for dessert. At only 140 calories and 2 WW points, these are a great alternative to buying a container of ice cream.  When I do that, I am tempted to just keep going and going, but with the ice cream sandwiches, I am happy and satisfied with just one. Smart thinking, huh :)


With my pizza and ice cream, I watched Crash.  Steph lent me this movie ages ago but I sort of forgot about it. For anyone like me who lives under a rock and never heard of it, Crash basically explores a series of interweaving stories that take place in LA over 2 days that all involve racism, bigotry, and stereotypes…it was really interesting w/ a great cast and I definitely recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet!

Three Things for Friday

  1. Passed on In N Out for lunch (my office LOVES to eat!!)
  2. Decided against a glass of wine with my dinner & movie
  3. Wanted to dip my Skinny Cow in sprinkles for some extra sugary crunch, but didn’t…where do I think of these things :)

Oh! By the way, thanks everyone for your supportive comments on my last post.  They are so, so appreciated, you have no idea!!!

The final fifteen minutes of Grey’s was awesome!!! I was freaking out, no big surprise there :)

Last night I had an epic dream involving my ex-boyfriend, his upcoming birthday, and all his friends, which was mildly traumatic. WHY are dreams so annoying sometimes?!?  I ended up waking up earlier than usual and got the morning started. Breakfast at work was the reg, with Heart to Heart this time instead of Honey Almond Flax.


Around 11:30, I started to feel weird and thought maybe I would make lunch early. But as soon as I stood up, I got intensely dizzy and nauseous. It felt like maybe my blood sugar dropped or something?  I say that because that happens to my mom a lot…. Anyway, one of the office girlies let me sit on her floor, in the attractive head-between-the-knees style, while she fed me a couple almonds and cashews.  It took me about 5 bites to eat each almond. I mean, seriously, what was going on with me?!?!  Then I laid down at my desk for a bit before the nuts kicked in and I felt ready to eat something substantial. Luckily my boss is out of town and everyone I work with is sweet as a peach, so no one minded when I turned out the lights and took a little head rest.

My client lunch got canceled today (thank god, right??) so I didn’t have to eat restaurant food AGAIN. How is it that the one week I decide I need to stop eating out so much I have to go out to lunch every day? Weird. I brought my favorite Lean Cuisine, leftover spaghetti squash, and a tiny leftover chicken strip from the other night. All mixed together! I was in total shock how good this tasted.


I should have just peaced out of work but I sucked it up and finished the day. I did skip the gym though and just stopped off at the car wash. My girl was diiiiiiiirtay! Now she is totally gorge. When I got home, Julia told me about her fresh homemade guacamole so I had to make a little tasting plate. How cute are these baby crackers?!


I could have kept snacking forever, so I decided to make dinner instead so I wouldn’t ruin my appetite. Side salad was quick and easy…


And I finished it off with a chile lime chicken burger and some sweet potato fries. You will be seeing a lot of these this weekend!!


Usually I go to sleep pretty late so I try to go to the gym or run errands after work so I can sit down for dinner between 8-9.  Tonight though, my plan is to get to bed earlier than usual so I got to eat before the sun set. It was nice!  I still wanted something sweet so out came the ice pop :)


Now I need to finish my laundry so I can get to bed early!! The three day weekend is SO CLOSE!

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Passed on cupcakes
  2. that came from SPRINKLES
  3. and included flavors like banana bread, red velvet, chocolate marshmallow, carrot pumpkin & coffee

Yes, that was worth all three. I turned down cupcakes from Sprinkles. Sometimes my willpower impresses even me :)

Night y’all!! Happy FRIDAY!

Thanks for all your great feedback on the event Saturday!! The rest of the weekend was very relaxing. I tried to sleep late but was up early anyway, so I relaxed for a bit with a cup of coffee.


Then I started getting a rumbly tummy, so I made the usual.


After getting ready for the day, I made a pit stop at Best Buy to drop off my camera. All the rest of my photos will be from the old camera I resurrected from a drawer in my bedroom. So glad that I am a pack rat!  I have the special charger for the batteries (yup, old school batteries) and the USB cable, whew!  After leaving my camera in the capable (hopefully!) hands of the Geek Squad, I hopped on the highway and headed down to Laguna Beach. I don’t have any pictures from Sunday because the camera batteries were charging at home, but believe me, it was an amazing day!

We are having a heat wave in CA and it was 95 degrees so of course we had to do a big beach trip. Laguna isn’t the closest beach by far, but Becky & Kate J (they are sisters, in case you were wondering!) hail from Laguna and their parents still live down there, making it the perfect place for beaching and having a big, family-style BBQ/beer pong/piano-playing food fest afterward.  On the way down to the beach, I got caught in some traffic but snacked on some strawberries that I so ingeniously thought to pack. For lunch, Becky and I traded halves of two delicious sandwiches — smoked salmon with cream cheese and grilled veggie with hummus & olive tapanade. MMM! Later I snuck 4 Sun Chips to crunch while reading Book Numero 2 in the Twilight series. Yup, 4…I am v. impressed by the brief appearance of my willpower!!

Back at the house, Chef Becky got cooking for the group…there were maybe 15 of us all together? We snacked on bread and cheese while everything was being marinated, mixed, boiled & baked.  The boys grilled chicken and turkey sausage, and I helped BeckO make a dreamy potato salad that was just red potatoes, balsamic vinegar, S&P, green onions, dill, cilantro & basil. It was delicious! She also cooked some beans and I made two chocolate cakes topped with some of Becky’s homemade icing.  Oh!! She also made the house drink, Cosmos, to go with our Coronas. It was a great night! I ate a little bit of everything we made, but was actually kind of full from the sun and the taste testing bites I took while cooking, so I didn’t over indulge in anything except maybe the bread when we first got home.

The weather stayed gorgeous all night, so of course none of us wanted to leave! I finally headed out around 11 PM and it was STILL hot enough to be outside in just our bathing suits and sundress cover ups…crazy!!

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Snacking on 4 Sun Chips instead of mindlessly munching from the bag
  2. Enjoying my Cosmo from a short glass, instead of a tall one
  3. Eating a few bites of chocolate cake instead of a big slice

Yesterday I was SO excited to be back at work of course. Kicked off the day with the usual good start!


I was too tired last night to think about food, so I just swung by the grocery store and picked up a Lean Cuisine and some of those Green Giant Immunity Blend veggies.



By the end of the day, I basically felt like crud and just wanted to get home as fast as possible. I had every good intention of making myself some soup and buying some fresh Vitamin-C packed veggies to juice for a refreshing, throat-soothing pick-me-up, but by the time I got back to the apartment, I realized that my plan actually required having some energy in the first place, so I just raided the fridge instead. I started with this cool, soothing bowl of fruit.


Followed by a cup of icy frozen peas.


I was still sort of stuck on the idea of soup, but the 100 million degree heat in my apt changed my mind. Instead I made a super fast cold Mexican salad with lettuce blend, cheddar cheese, 1/2 cup cold black & kidney beans mixed, one 100 calorie Wholly Guacamole pack, and some salsa. On the side, I had a La Tortilla Factory tortilla spread with some of the guac.  I ate this outside becuase it was cooler out there than it was in my place!!


I finished off dinner with a freezer-burned mango popsicle from Trader Joe’s. All I wanted was something cool and soothing! I love these TJ popsicles, especially the Caribbean ones!


Three Things for Monday

  1. Going to the grocery store to get a Lean Cuisine & veggies instead of picking up food or ordering in
  2. Skipping the office latte run
  3. Eating a popsicle to soothe my throat instead of running out for some ice cream (which I seriously debated…being sick/tired won out!!)

Today I am feeling better but not awesome. I made the usual for breakfast. I am out of frozen fruit and almost done with my box of Kashi, oh no! I might have to make a grocery run today…


For lunch, I finally got my soup! I had a bowl of Progresso Minestrone with a serving of ak-mak crackers on the side. Yum, it is much cooler in my office since we actually have AC here!!


I have also been guzzling Emergen-C all day, so hopefully this stuff works its magic :)


After lunch, we celebrated an office birthday with some ice cream cake. In my office, we all sing and then eat the cake together and chat, sort of a little break/bonding. I tried to be good by asking for a smaller slice. Some cake I could turn down completely, but not a chocolate peanut butter ice cream one! Ice cream cake is my absolute favorite. For some reason it did NOT sit well in my stomach though! I could feel my belly sloshing all over the place.

Once I got home, I decided to take a walk to Trader Joe’s to pick up some goodies for dinner. I am feeling better but not great, and this seemed like the best way to get some air and movement! Back home, I made a nice side salad with Catalina free dressing.


I cooked up some Italian, TJ style. First, eggplant cutlets. These are great! About 170 calories per serving and SO tasty.  I also made 1 cup dry whole wheat and vegetable pasta blend. Delish!


I also sipped on a bottle of Full Sail Pale Ale. I am not a big beer drinker, but for some reason, a cold beer sounded so amazing to me, and since you can get just one at TJ, I picked up this guy! I drank half with dinner.


For dessert, I grabbed some TJ Organic Soy Creamy Chocolate goodness. I wanted something cold but the freezer was seriously cleaned out!! Everyone must be thinking the same thing as me in all this heat. I had a few spoonfuls of this — pretty good!  I should have just put it in a bowl because my few bites definitely turned into at least a serving, oops.


Right now I am watching TBL. Mike is about to talk to his dad…Can’t wait to see what happens!!

Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Brought healthy crackers for my soup instead of grabbing a roll
  2. Walked to the grocery store
  3. Drank 1/2 beer rather than the whole bottle

Last but not least, I got tagged by Danielle to do the Survey of 8’s that’s been going around.  Thanks Danielle!!

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. Visiting my sister in Boston
  2. Getting my camera back
  3. Becca coming to LA
  4. Weekend trips to Laguna
  5. Eating my first watermelon of the season
  6. Using my tax return to pay off my credit card!
  7. Going to Julia’s movie screening tomorrow night!!
  8. Next girls’ weekend in Vegas

8 Things I Did Yesterday

  1. Finished the New Moon book
  2. Ate dinner outside
  3. Turned on my fan for the first time since last summer
  4. Snuggled in front of said fan with the kitties (they wanted to get cool too!!)
  5. Bummed around on the couch, being sick…sorry, I’m not very exciting when I don’t feel good!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. Remember to schedule my long list of doctors appointments!!
  2. Surf
  3. Live even closer to the ocean
  4. See my family and friends back East all the time
  5. Have a list of ever book I’ve ever read
  6. Find 1 new sport and 1 new hobby I really love
  7. Sail a boat
  8. Roadtrip cross country

8 Shows I Watch:

  1. The Office
  2. The Biggest Loser
  3. Gossip Girls
  4. Private Practice
  5. Grey’s Anatomy
  6. 30 Rock
  7. New Adventures of Old Christine
  8. Samantha Who

Now I have to tag 8 people to fill out this survey…hope you guys haven’t already done it (or actually want to do it LOL)!!


Monday eats were a great kickoff for my week of healthier habits! I started with the usual yogurt mess. This one contained 2 figs, a cubed granny smith apple, frozen blueberries & half cup kashi.


For lunch I heated up my favorite Lean Cuisine ravioli bowl and crunched on some green peppers.


I started feeling snacky again not long after finishing, so I made a nice steamy rooibos tea with some cinnamon hazelnut Coffee Mate & splenda. This was a nice treat!


Workout fuel today was a Clif Mojo bar, the peanut butter pretzel flavor! I have been dying to try this bar. I definitely loved the pretzel bits throughout, but for 200 calories, I was surprised that it didn’t hold me over longer. Seriously, by the time I left the office, I was already hungry again! 


Instead of finding another snack, I hit the gym for 60 sweaty minutes on the elliptical. FUN!! Haha, not really, but it’s always nice to return to exercise after a few days off.  For dinner, I made a veggie omelet that turned into a veggie scramble with half cup egg beaters, baby bella mushrooms and spinach. On the side, I made sweet potato fries, roasted brussels, and a few roasted red onion pieces. This was very filling and delicious!


I finished up with the last Grey’s I had taped and then Julia & I watched Gossip Girl. DRAMA MAMA!!! Afterwards, I got into bed with a book and a little snack — 1/4 cup kashi, 1/4 cup oaty o’s, 1% milk, and 2 strawberries, sliced. I have been craving cereal lately, which is pretty unusual for me. This seemed like a much healthier way to handle that craving, rather than curling up in bed with a book and the whole box LOL.


I’m feeling pumped about the week ahead! I KNOW I can keep this up if only I TRY, TRY, TRY :)


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