January 2009

Brunch was just as good as I thought it would be! I walked over to the restaurant and we scored a table outside.  It’s amazing out here, in the 70s, so perfect for outdoors weekend brunching 🙂

I started with the French Press for one.


It made a couple mean cups of coffee! With skim milk and splenda:


Steph and the other girls stuck with water, boooring.


I decided to go with the espresso semi-sweet chocolate chip pancakes. A stack comes with three, but I just ordered one.  These guys are HUGE!


That weird circle in the middle is from the pat of butter I promptly scooped up off the pancakes. I hate, hate, hate butter. I don’t mind it when cooking with it, but for some reason I can’t stand the taste of butter on potatoes, toast, bagels, corn…ick! I’d much rather eat all those things plain. Ok, back to pancakes. I ate the portion where the fork is. The other missing slice is some that I shared. I had some bites from Steph’s delish pumpkin pancake too!


Look at those leftovers! Breakfast tomorrow maybe?


The walk back home was quick but good for digestion 🙂 A little bit later, I had some grapes to get a lil fruit into the day!


The kitten babies wanted to eat them too…luckily I shooed them off right before they took a bite! Those guys will try to eat anything, its weird. I thought that was a dog thing??


Now I am going out to enjoy this sunny “summer” day in January! Ahh how I love you California. Check out the view from my bedroom 🙂

my view from bed

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!


Last night I ate WAYY to much food!! I was in need of some good eats after my long week, but I might have overdone it.  And we have plans to go to the Griddle (http://thegriddlecafe.com/) for breakfast, where it’s basically impossible to eat one pancake, they are that huge!

Luckily I got in a good workout before eating.  I did 60 minutes on the elliptical while reading a new chick lit book (makes the time fly by!!) and then a quick mile run on the treadmill to work up a final sweat 🙂 When I got to my friend Steph’s house (hey steph!!) she gave me half her new Kashi pumpkin bar to tide me over until our late, 10PM dinner. It was pretty good…of course the pumpkin on top was the best part.


After a nice shower, the girls got all dressed up to go out. I borrowed a super cute top from Steph but no pic cause I still didn’t have my camera! At Palomino’s, I started off with a glass of chardonnay and this yummy humus. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. I ate a little more than half, minus what I shared with the rest of the table! It comes with delish salty cracker crisps. Again, sorry, this picture cannot do it justice. Actually it looks sort of gross here LOL


Next was the entree, pizza! I had half of this whole milk motz, thin crust pizza, with a second glass of white wine. Soo good!


I should have stopped there…but I went to Yogurtland on the way home! Once the idea was in my head, I just couldn’t stop. Sadly, no picture. Yogurtland is self serve fro-yo, with a self serve topping bar. I got a little bit of chocolate, peanut butter, and pistachio flavors, plus a whole bunch of chocolatey toppings + some fruit! the mango and blueberries are really good there. the best part about a self serve toppings bar is you can get a little bit of all your favorites! Then you pay by weight instead of $1 for each topping or whatever. It’s great! Whenever I go there, I always expect to really do it up haha.


All gone!! It was a good night. Whew, thinking of all that food…how am I going to go to breakfast right now???

My first food post! Sorry for the cell phone pictures. I don’t have my real camera with me but I was excited to at least give this a try and see how it works! The photos will get better, I promise.

Here is my 3:30 snack at work. I am OBSESSED with yogurt/fruit/kashi combo.  The honey almond flax cereal now has a special place in my heart 🙂  I am still not a greek yogurt convert.  I had not eaten yogurt in YEARS actually, so I like to think it’s a huge step that I eat Dannon Light & Fit daily.

This yummy combo had vanilla yogurt, half banana, 2 figs, jumbo strawberry from the Farmer’s Market, a couple grapes, some frozen mango/blueberry/raspberry TJ’s combo, and half cup kashi. AHH heaven!



After mixing:


It looks weird I know, but its so amazing!  Also, some organic chamomile from Fresh & Easy.


I have another hour & 1/2 of work to go, then I am going to the gym for an hour before out with friends.  Tonight we are going to a super cheap but delicious late night happy hour.  Top picks there usually include crab artichoke dip, humus with pizza crisps, thin crust pizzas, and of course $4 glasses of wine…so hard to be good with all that in front of you!!

Looks like I might become a food blogger?!  I have been reading a whole bunch of sites for a while now and I think it might be time for one of my own.  Hopefully I can keep it up to date, and accurate!  One of the most frustrating things for me is reading a food blog and finding out, oh yeah, the blogger usually eats 10 mini crackers, 2 tootsie rolls, and an extra scoop of ice cream every day but doesn’t include it in the blog.  I admit, I try to eat healthy, but sometimes I have days where I snack on meaningless things all day long, or where I eat TOO MUCH.  So this won’t be the blog to follow if you want a perfect example of ideal eating — but it will be real 🙂