My first food post! Sorry for the cell phone pictures. I don’t have my real camera with me but I was excited to at least give this a try and see how it works! The photos will get better, I promise.

Here is my 3:30 snack at work. I am OBSESSED with yogurt/fruit/kashi combo.  The honey almond flax cereal now has a special place in my heart 🙂  I am still not a greek yogurt convert.  I had not eaten yogurt in YEARS actually, so I like to think it’s a huge step that I eat Dannon Light & Fit daily.

This yummy combo had vanilla yogurt, half banana, 2 figs, jumbo strawberry from the Farmer’s Market, a couple grapes, some frozen mango/blueberry/raspberry TJ’s combo, and half cup kashi. AHH heaven!



After mixing:


It looks weird I know, but its so amazing!  Also, some organic chamomile from Fresh & Easy.


I have another hour & 1/2 of work to go, then I am going to the gym for an hour before out with friends.  Tonight we are going to a super cheap but delicious late night happy hour.  Top picks there usually include crab artichoke dip, humus with pizza crisps, thin crust pizzas, and of course $4 glasses of wine…so hard to be good with all that in front of you!!