February 2009

Sorry guys! Day #5 was the final one for me. I tried SO HARD to last through Sunday but it didn’t happen. The problem wasn’t with the foods I was eating, but with the foods that I wasn’t, like dairy and grains, which I NEED to be happy and healthy! Okay, here’s what went down…breakfast was another yummy smoothie with unsweetened chocolate almond milk, a heaping half cup of frozen cherries, and a scoop of whey protein.


I managed to resist the big, flaky delicious chocolate croissants we had at the office and dug into this big container of veggies w/some of my homemade dressing instead. I cut up mushrooms, carrots, cukes, radishes, and green beans. Here’s the top layer!


And all the veggies underneath 🙂


Plus some more of my O.N.E. coconut water.


Late afternoon I tried one of the Pure Bars I’ve been reading so much about.


This Cranberry Cashew bar was good! I liked the taste a lot. It was nice to finally have something sweet too. I just wish it had taken up the whole package 🙂


After work is when it all went downhill! Today I just could not stop thinking about food. Not even unhealthy food, but yogurt and Kashi and bananas and whole wheat pasta.  I was so determined to make it through the seven days, but I have been exhausted and quickly getting sick of the thought of another liquid or veggie. Tomorrow I was supposed to have fish and chicken, and then fish Saturday night, but since tomorrow is a Lent Friday, I knew I was going to have to do fish twice, and the thought of having nothing but fish and veggies for a whole other day was not even a tiny bit appealing.  When I got home, my roommate immediately greeted me with “I’m DONE,” and that sealed the deal for me too. All I wanted was dairy, carbs, and chocolate, so that’s what I had! 

Yogurt with frozen mango, banana, half cup kashi:


Two slices whole wheat, grainy, seedy bread heels with almond butter and cherry jelly. Here’s a close up of the beautiful wheatiness:


Plus the toppings:


And some chocolate:


Now I am so full, but man it was good. I really needed this. I feel a little bit like a failure ending on day 5 but honestly, I don’t think exhaustion and some of the other side effects my body was starting to face were worth another 2 days. I’m sure/hope you will all understand! Hopefully from here on out, my body really has gotten its spring cleaning and I can avoid some of the overeating and excess drinking. I’m excited for real food tomorrow 🙂

Overall, I do think I got a few good lessons out of the last five days. I learned some new great soup recipes, and I saw that I snack way too much during the day, and don’t need to eat dessert every single night just because. I’m glad to get back to normal eating, but I don’t know if I could have made the switch without sticking to such a specific plan.  I HOPE I’ve successfully reset some of my bad eating habits, because I really need to make a change from the last few months. On the bad side though, I was really tired, probably not eating enough, missing my favorite healthy foods, and my body was starting to freak a bit. So glad it’s finally OVER!!


I’m officially over the hump! Body Reset Day #4 DOWN, only 3 more to go! How fitting that hump day for my week of detoxing was actually hump day during the real week 🙂 Wednesday morning I whipped up a mango smoothie with 1/2 cup frozen mango, 1 & 1/2 cups unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, and 1 scoop whey protein powder. Yum! I am enjoying these breakfast smoothies.


Lunch was a big bowl of miso soup, to which I added more mushrooms and some of that dryland cress. For some reason, the dryland cress tasted really bitter today and I just couldn’t finish it!


With lunch, I had this mix of pumpkin/sunflower seeds.


I had to run out to the store to pick up more coconut water, so I enjoyed my glass this afternoon instead. I found some more of the O.N.E. brand on sale, 2/$3, WHOO!


I also dove into this cup of yummy blueberries 🙂


After all this intense snacking (haha JOKE!!!), I met my roommate for an amazing 1 & 1/2 hours of yoga. One of her restaurant coworkers teaches the class, and she is sweet as a peach and totally worked my muscles. I left class with achy arms for sure! I also did my first HANDSTAND!! The time totally flew by and now I definitely want to go back for more.

Dinner was a delish piece of salmon with steamed broccoli. 


We didn’t get dinner cooked until SO LATE, like 10 PM, so I ate this in 5 seconds and hopped into bed with The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.  I started this book back in December when I was home for the holidays and was just able to get it out from the library again. I thought it might be a slow moving book based on the storyline but I love it!


Coming up for Thursday, cucumber and avocado soup?? We shall see how that one goes…more green, I KNOW!!

One more thing, shout out to Abbie at Foods That Fit! She is graciously putting together a very cool blogger cookbook that everyone should check out 🙂

Wow! I am all greened out!! Body Reset Day 3 started with a bowl of overnight oats. I made these with 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon & salt. I don’t know what I did wrong but I was NOT a fan. I basically had to force down this whole bowl!


I had some more coconut milk mid-morning. Today I tried a new brand — O.N.E., which stands for One Natural Experience. Another rockstar! I love this stuff. I wonder if they sell it anywhere in bulk?


Lunch was a salad identical to the one I had Sunday — 1/2 head butter lettuce, a little less than 1/2 avocado and a bunch of red onion, plus my homemade dressing.


After lunch I crunched on a handful of sunflower/pumpkin seeds.


Late afternoon I sipped this very green concoction I had juiced the night before. The drink contained basil, cucumber, lime, and a granny smith apple. I drank a little more than half…


…because dinner was even MORE greenery! Before eating, I did a nice half hour of yoga from On Demand Exercise TV.  Love that I can do that right in my living room!  I was sort of tired and not looking forward to anything intense, and this session was luckily a lot of nice spinal twists and downward dogs. Just what I needed!

We were planning on miso soup but decided to whip up a batch of pea soup instead. This one contained garlic, red onion, peas, a handful of lima beans, arugula, and basil. Again, SO easy to make! I think I liked the broccoli one best, but these two were pretty close in yummy taste.


We also made another juice, this one containing kale, celery, lemon, pear, and ginger. Here is a pic of the juice and the veggies all squeezed out!


The final product! How cute is Julia adding the lemon wedge 🙂


All together now!


I tried so hard to finish the juice but we really went overboard on the ginger and it was a little too spicy for me. I am overwhelmed just thinking of all this GREEN! Luckily we have SALMON planned for dinner tomorrow, YAY! I need a new color 🙂

Day 3 DOWN for the count!! 4 more to go 🙂 I kind of can’t wait til Sunday when this is over. I am just so stubborn and determined to finish it out. I’m almost halfway there, right?!

Sunday night, the roommate and I made some of our food for the week so we wouldn’t have to do too much late night cooking. We made broccoli soup, miso soup broth and chicken w/marinade. That night we had the broccoli soup. We made enough to eat it again Monday night, so you will see the pics later in this post!

Day 2 kicked off with lots of water and herbal tea, followed by a smoothie breakfast.  This smoothie had blueberries, ice, vanilla whey protein, and unsweetened almond milk.  The ice really added volume and I ended up with TWO water bottles full!


Mid-morning, I had some coconut water from Vita Coco.  I was pleasantly surprised by this and really liked the taste. Coconut water (not to be confused with coconut milk) has a whole list of benefits, including 5 essential electrolytes (potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous). I am planning to drink one of these every day for the rest of the week! The only problem is the price…$2 each for these guys!


Lunch was chicken and spinach.  Julia made a great teriyaki marinade without any sugar or soy.


Following lunch, I munched on a few sunflower & pumpkin seeds.


Late afternoon snack was a serving of our kickass miso soup! All I had to do was add miso paste to our pre-made broth, heat, and eat.  I will definitely be eating this again this week.  Here’s the serving size:


A close up of the shitake mushrooms and wakame!


Then I tossed in the watercress, which wilts into the soup when it’s hot. Actually, this was dryland cress, since Whole Foods was out of watercress. LOL I love those two names.


After work, I went to the gym to take a sauna. I did about 25 minutes to help sweat out some of the toxins and then went home. Tonight I might try for some yoga, but last night I just wasn’t feeling up to it. Dinner was a repeat of Sunday night’s soup! Seriously, this came out SO GOOD! Into the pot went broccoli, onion, garlic, S & P, arugula, basil, lemon, and 1 tbsp olive oil to sautee. 


Add water and a blender and you get this:


We added cilantro to the top for a tiny extra kick! I thought this soup turned out amazing and will definitely keep making it!

Day 2 down, 5 to go 🙂

What an amazing weekend!! When I got to the hotel Friday night, the girls had decorated our suite with streamers, balloons, banners, and laid out a snack spread to enjoy.  Everything was SO FANTASTIC!!!!!


We got all glammed up and hit the Venetian/Palazzo for lots of gambling and dancing. Kate hooked us up with complimentary table/bottle service for the night — got to love that 🙂 Here are two cute posed pics:



The only food pic I managed to snap was of this morning bowl of oatmeal! The pizza I had for dinner (and post-clubbing) didn’t want to be photographed 🙂


The whole trip was so incredible. I have been going through some rough relationship-related times, and this mini-vacation was exactly what I needed.  I can’t believe that when I moved to LA 2 & 1/2 years ago, I didn’t know any of these girls.  I have been so blessed to find such amazing, supportive, caring friends. I seriously don’t know what I would do without them!!

Now it’s Sunday and back to reality.  I have had three great months of parties, holidays, food & drink, and while it’s been so much fun, my body is in desperate need of some detoxification.  So, for the next week, be prepared to see lots of soups, salads, smoothies, veggies, fish, chicken, nuts, and seeds.  My roommate and I are both going to follow a plan for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for the next seven days.  It’s always easier when you have someone saying NO to all the goodies with you. I am also counting on getting more sleep and hopefully adding some yoga instead of straight cardio.  Here are our big noes for the week: no dairy, grains with gluten, meat, shellfish, anything processed (including all soy products), fatty nuts, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, condiments, sugar and obviously no alcohol, caffeine or soda.

Breakfast was my last meal for the week not following this plan — homemade pumpkin pancakes (just whole wheat mix, pumpkin, water, and egg beaters) plus half banana and 1 tbsp vanilla bean maple syrup. And my last cup of coffee for the week! It’s herbal tea and lemon water from here on out.


Lunch was a big salad with butter lettuce, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 red onion, and an amazing dressing that I blended up myself with carrots, ginger, scallions, miso paste, sesame oil, grapeseed oil, and rice wine vinegar.


Snack was some sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Wish me luck on this!! I would just be very happy to reset my body so it is not so used to eating whatever, whenever.  I have overloaded during the last three months on food and alcohol and am ready to make the shift! Luckily, this plan is only for one week, and anyone can do something for one week, right?? Hopefully after the week, my body will be much more in tune with eating healthy. Has anyone else ever tried something like this to reset?

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Almost time to leave work and head to the airport! Breakfast today was stellar. The mess contained kiwi, blueberries, half banana, frozen mango, 5 dried bing cherries, and half cup kashi. Finally, real fruit!!


Close up 🙂 Love the overflow action.


Lunch was a big salad with spinach, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, snap peas, green pepper, and red onion. I love having real groceries again!


I also had the rest of my leftover pasta from yesterday’s lunch.


I have one of Diana’s bars and some fruit for the airport. My flight gets in around 6 but we aren’t eating dinner until very late I’m sure, so those should tide me over! SEE Y’ALL SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!! FUN RECAP PHOTOS TO COME 🙂

Thursday I turned the big 25 — quarter of a century old!! It was a great birthday where so many little things go right. First, I opened a box of gorgeous presents from my mom, including a super pretty black and white dress that I immediately decided to dress up in for the bday.   Then I got into work and discovered my swap goodies had arrived!  I also got one of my clients onto THE VIEW for a beauty segment, then got an email from the library saying two hardcover books I’ve been dying to read were ready and waiting for me there, AND had the best coworkers treating me all day long (more on that to come!!).  It made me wonder if every day is like that and you don’t notice the little things because it’s just an ordinary day.  Either way, it was a wonderful day. Kicked off by a Subway breakfast sammie, which actually isn’t so wonderful. I mentioned yesterday my 24-hour subway overload…this was the tail end of it! I could only eat 1/2, and even that was pushing it. This was flatbread, egg, bacon (which I pulled out), cheddar cheese, onion, spinach, green peppers, and tomatoes. SO greasy!


Lunch was a million times better! I went with my boss and two girls on the account team to a new italian place near our office. I started with a piece of bread dipped in olive oil, mmm. Then we ordered a personal-sized pizza for the table. This pizza was paper thin.  Literally! Sorry, no picture! We each had two slices. I ordered a veggie pasta dish and ate half. Here is a photo of my leftovers!


Some of the veggies are clearly from a frozen veggie mix, which I thought was weird, but there are also fresh mushrooms and asparagus mixed in as well which totally made the dish.  There was a glorious ice cream cake from Ben & Jerry’s waiting for me back at the office. OH. MY. GOD. It was so good. Ice cream cake is my absolute favorite, and this one was made up of pure heaven.


Here’s a descriptor: Great Cakes – Your choice of two ice creams separated by crumbled brownie layers and decorated to order with fresh whipped cream. This one had white mint ice cream w/fudge chunks and then some sort of chocolate/peanut butter/cookie dough mixture on the bottom. I ate a hugely enormous piece. It was awesome. So much cake in fact that it held me through the rest of the day, a 60 minute elliptical workout, and 3 errands. By the time I got home at 9 I STILL wasn’t too hungry, so I decided on these super easy Trader Joe’s chicken/veggie potstickers. There are 7 in a serving for 230 calories. I browned them with some cooking spray and added soy sauce while they were simmering.


Plus a bowl of edamame!


After dinner and VEGAS preparations, I dug into my package from Diana over at The Chic Life.  Here’s the whole spread:


A jar of the Bone Sucking Sauce I keep hearing about!


Southern bean soup & cornbread. Can’t wait to try the soup!!


Coffee from The Fresh Market. Diana, you are a lifesaver!! Note the reappearance of coffee for Friday’s breakfast LOL. Oh, and a cute honey tea stick that will be used immediately 🙂


These awesome looking Moravian Pumpkin Spice cookies. I love pumpkin spice, and I love cookies. I bet these will be GOOD!


And two of these homemade bars!! Look at the cute Chez Diana sticker. LOVE IT! I wanted to eat one today before my workout but was way too full. So I packed one for my plane ride tonight!


There was also a really lovely card. I lived in Paris for 6 months in college for study abroad, and have a deep love for all things France-related. Meaning this was so totally me!


It was a little weird not going out on my actual birthday day, but so nice to finally have a little time for the gym and errands and being at home. As you’ve all seen, I’ve been so busy doing fun things and not had a minute to spare (seriously, the roommate and I have been sitting in a dark apt. because all of our lightbulbs burned out and neither of us has had one extra minute to go buy some until tonight. That’s bad!!). So the real PARTY is Friday and I can’t WAIT!!!! I finished packing and then munched on some blueberries before hopping into bed. I’ll be back to post (hopefully) right before Vegas!


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