Around 4 I started to get hungry, so I dug into one of my yogurt messes!

yogurt before

after mixing

This baby had two jumbo strawberries, grapes, half banana, and 1/4 cup kashi. Followed by some little goldfishies. I was in the store the other day and had the biggest nostalgia moment for these guys.


My roomie and I decided to grab sushi before going out. We sipped on some sake while getting ready and then walked to a new place, Yoshi’s Sushi. Our plan this year is to try some new places, since we have so many good looking restaurants in walking distance, yet we always go to the same spots!

At Yoshi’s, we started off with some hot sake. Here is our little jug plus two mini glasses. Pretty, huh?



Then we got cucumbers and edamame


Our sushi was good, the spicy tuna was the spiciest I’ve ever had! We got two spicy tuna rolls, one baked scallop roll, one albacore tuna w/veggies, and one shrimp tempura roll with veggies. We ate almost everything!

We were impressed with all the food…then they brought out this one haha. Endless sushi 🙂

Plus a glass of white with our meal

After dinner, we went to a cute bar in Hollywood called Cat & Fiddle. There’s a great outdoor area with a little fountain and white twinkly lights.  They had the heat lamps going, and it was a perfect night to be outside! I got a vodka soda with kate and justin. Pinky fingers out! We are real classy like that 🙂

I had another drink and then a group of marines bought us all a shot. NO I didn’t drive home after all that!!  Here are a few more pics of the night.

julia, me, kate

bangtastic roommates

Luckily we were good with late night snacking. I had some grapes when we got home, YUMMERS.  This morning was a little rough, we might have had one too many drinks! I don’t drink much during the week, but usually end up going all out at least one night over the weekend. What can I say? When the girls go out, we like to have a good time!

This morning I had some of my leftover pancakes, a banana, and a cup of tea.

Look at these choc chips!!

I topped the pancakes with a tbsp of this baby. It has vanilla bean in it and is oh so good.

Later this afternoon I am going to a big superbowl BBQ. I’m expecting there to be a lot of food and drink, as usual with any get togethers with my friends. I’m going to try not to go too overboard! I want to break my new pattern of good/healthy eats all week, and then excess food/drink Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  It’s hard though with so many fun things going on! That’s why I make up for it Monday — Thursday I guess 🙂

Happy Superbowl & Sunday!