The superbowl/pool party ended up being so fun! The pool was heated and got hotter than the hot tub at one point 🙂

Since I ended up going over there a little later than I originally planned, I had some lunch and snacks first. I started off with a somewhat lame salad. I only had lettuce blend, tomato, red onion and like two mushrooms, so that was that! Plus a crispy pickle spear and light asian sesame dressing.  It was so gorgeous out that I had to eat on my patio table 🙂


And a tortilla with a slice of cheddar cheese. Look at the melty bubbles!!


For dessert I had a Weight Watchers latte bar. Those are so amazing! Then of course I ended up chilling at home for a few more hours and got the munchies while I was reading a book so I had a few handfuls of the goldfishes.

No pictures from the Superbowl party 😦 I didn’t go overboard though, YAY. I had a turkey dog, totally plain. Yup, no bun, no condiments. Just how I like it! Plus a few handfuls of the hint of lime tortilla chips and two glasses of white to wash all of that down.  Julia and I had dinner part two later that night, with more grapes and a whole wheat pita with a super delish new hummus. It was topped with sesame seeds and parsley. How good is that?!


For dessert, I had about a dozen Mike & Ikes and some diet hot chocolate. What’s worse…that they make diet hot chocolate, or that I actually buy it and like it? I enjoyed it in my favorite mug from pottery barn. My mom and I bought this before I went off to college 🙂


YUM, such a sweet ending!