Lunching and shopping in the middle of work really makes for the best kind of day at the office 🙂

Okay, rewind. I woke up this morning thinking UGH no way work! Sadly, I just recently started my fabulous job so I can’t really take many sick days. So off to work I went!  Luckily my yogurt and MIT coffee pepped me up 🙂 Looking familiar??


This baby had strawberries, half banana, grapes, 2 figs and half cup kashi. Around 1 I met my friend Kate for lunch who was sweet enough to come entertain me. Plus, we went shopping (my office building is basically attached to a mall tehehe) so it probably wasn’t too much of a hardship for her 🙂

We grabbed food from Coral Tree Cafe Express, a food court version of the amazing restaurant (  This place is SOO good. Everything I’ve ever tried has been amazing. Of course I always get the same thing though — their tuna salad! They make the tuna with NO MAYO, just EVOO, celery, jicama, onions, and white wine vinegar. It’s so incredible. The tuna sits on top of a nice bed of organic baby greens, plus tomatoes, cukes, red onion, carrots, and garbanzo beans. Usually I get the house balsamic on the side but I forgot to ask so there was probably more dressing than usual but man it was good. Plus two pieces of bread on the side!  I ate one of those guys, plus one final satisfying bite of the second. We got to eat outside — look how sunny it is!!

coral tree salad

Right now I am sipping tea and waiting for my boss to get out of a meeting so we can get back to work on a project. I am going to attempt the gym tonight, especially since I just got handed a whole bunch of new magazines…perfect for the elliptical!  Oops got to go, more later!!