Sorry for the belated post!  I woke up with a sore throat yesterday, one of those that just seems to feel progressively worse every hour.  I drank SOOO many mugs of tea yesterday LOL. I started out with a modified breakfast, since my not feeling so great made me late getting out the door!  I had the other 1/2 of my Western Bagel with hummus, plus a yogurt w/half a banana on top.  Not as good as my yogurt mess, but I love this bagel/hummus combo!


I didn’t have time to pack a lunch in my mad rush to get out the door either, so I pulled a Lean Cuisine out of the freezer at work.  I am not the biggest fan of frozen entrees simply because I am weird about eating the meat in them, but this one is so delish — three cheese ravioli bowl.  With 240 calories and 6g of fat, this is one of my lunch standbys for when I don’t have time to make something the night before.


Its very cheesey, and there are lots of green veggies in this one!


Plus a salad on the side. My mushrooms are really on their last leg here…


Of course I had to end with something sweet!  I LOVE DARK CHOCOLATE 🙂


Later in the afternoon I was fading fast so I munched on this Kashi and about ten million gallons of chamomile.


I decided to skip exercise since my throat felt awful and I just felt all-around sick in general.  I planned to do laundry and some yoga instead, but by the time I got home…let’s just say I planted myself on the couch with a book and that was that!

Pre-dinner I snacked on some grapes.  Then I decided to go with a sickie standby — soup and bread.  I had a bowl of french onion soup with another Western Bagel (half with hummus, half plain for dipping) on the side. Perfect.


After dinner, Kate came over to watch Monday night’s Gossip Girl but of course our DVR taped it scratchy and fuzzy AGAIN because our cable is terrible.  So Julia and I decided to drag our butts off the couch and head to Kate’s to watch it there.  Of course some throat soothing ice cream was added incentive to leave the apt!


Sorry about the fuzzy picture!  This guy was huge and so delicious.  I got peanut butter, bavarian mint, and chocolate pecan flavors.  The flavors ranged from 8-25 calories per ounce. Love that!! We also got a side of V-day sprinkles to get in the spirit of looooove.


I ate a LOT of mine, but still have some for tomorrow — sweet! Here is the bit on the bottom…I tried to finish but I couldn’t eat one more bite.