This morning I had pancakes again!  After I cooked them yesterday, I remembered that I bought pumpkin especially to use in making pancakes this weekend, so I decided that I needed part 2 today.  These had pumpkin (DUH) and were topped with 1 tbsp vanilla bean maple syrup and some cinnamon applesauce. I added extra cinn and nutmeg and heated up the whole thing before topping the pancakes. I stuck all of this on a tray and enjoyed it in bed 🙂

AUGH and here is where my computer died and I lost all my pics!! Hopefully it will be working again when I get home from work later tonight. Quick recap: I went to the gym after breakfast and did 60 on the elliptical before picking up groceries for lunch.  I had a turkey and spinach sandwich on a Perfect 10 bagel, two slices of white american cheese on the side, a Granny Smith apple w/cinnamon, a serving of goldfish, and a glass of milk.  Pre-dinner and post-shopping, I had a half banana with almond butter and a cup of diet hot choc. For dinner, I roasted up brussel sprouts and a sweet potato cut into fries, and had these with a piece of lemon pepper seasoned mahi mahi. I also sipped on a little glass of the Honey Moon. This wine is so incredible, I usually buy wine just for one specific meal, usually when there are people over, but this one is irresistable!! Dessert was especially good, a single serving no-pudge brownie with a scoop of a new ice cream that I picked up on sale at the grocery store, Breyers fat free chocolate w/cookies.  Each half cup serving is 100 calories & no fat.  It definitely tasted more like froyo than ice cream, but was delish when paired with the warm brownie. Plus a mini glass of milk. I have pictures of all of this that I can hopefully access later!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope this day goes by quickly 🙂