Kicked off Wednesday morning on my usual good note with another yogurt mess. This one had cherry berry blend, frozen mango & pineapple, 2 figs, half banana and half cup kashi 🙂 No coffee cause we are out and I need to buy some more!


I have been extra hungry lately, so I dug into this nectarine around 11:30.


Lunch was a wickedly awesome wrap that I made using 2 small tortillas (the 50 cal ones), turkey, spinach, and an amazing hummus. I decided to leave the two slices of American cheese off the wrap and eat them plain. Plus a serving of BBQ popped chips on the side for crunch!


Look at those spirals!!


So I spotted the Pistachio Larabar in Whole Foods the other night and had to grab one, seeing that I’ve never tried this flavor before! I was planning to just eat half since I got hungry and dug into this snack shortly after lunch, but of course had to eat the whole thing (and was hungry again at 4 with no food, whoops!!). Thoughts? Ehhh…well, it was GOOD simply because it was a Larabar, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t taste the pistachios all that much honestly. I probably won’t repeat this one, because there are others I like SO much better!


After work I hit the gym for a solid 60 minutes on the elliptical. Yay! Dinner was sort of a repeat…I was craving an omelet again and decided to run with it since the Egg Beaters are supposed to be used within one week of opening. I added red onions, spinach, and green peppers tonight, plus a side of raw green beans, grape tomatoes, and some grapes that I finished before taking this picture. A Perfect 10 bagel with light whipped cream cheese was the final touch!


With dinner, I took cues from the recent Starbucks Rooibos tea lattes and created my own version! This organic rooibos tea from Fresh & Easy was perfect with some added milk and splenda. It was just as good as the Starbucks one — maybe better cause I made it at home 🙂


For dessert, I had another of the oatmeal cherry chocolate cookie bites.  These are small enough that you can have a couple but I just savored the one…


…because after all this, I went out for drinks! I went with Steph and a huge group of partying med students to a bar called Liquid Kitty. Isn’t that a weird/gross name?? I had a Rosebud martini, and then Steph and I shared one called The Diva.  No pictures, sorry! They were good & strong!! I probably would have snacked when I got home but I was just too tired LOL.  I woke up this morning with an icky headache and made another rooibos tea (paired with advil haha) as soon as I got into work. Followed by the usual amazing yogurt that totally kicked the headache — YES!


Pre-lunch, I dug into my baggie of grape tomatoes, green beans, and grapes that I made last night with dinner.


Lunch today was a Lean Cuisine. Yeah, I was NOT packing up a lunch this morning!! I had my favorite 3 cheese ravioli bowl.


Look at all the cheesy goodness in the bowl today!


I think a chocolate covered strawberry might be in my near future — my deskmate got a box delivered to her today from her boyfriend. So cute! Tonight I am headed to see a screener of a new movie called The Hangover (appropriate, no??) with Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Heather Graham. I’m psyched! Dinner might be some popcorn though…stay tuned!!