The movie was SO FUNNY!!!! Seriously, maybe one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.  When The Hangover comes out in theaters, GO SEE IT!!

Okay, rewind a bit. I hit up the Farmer’s Market at lunchtime and snagged some more brussel sprouts, snap peas, green onions, and bok choy for $5. Sweet!! Speaking of sweet, no chocolate covered strawberry for me!  I wanted to leave room for movie snacks later 🙂 My afternoon snack was a Perfect 10 bagel with lemon cilantro hummus and some more rooibos tea. This always feels like an extravagant extra meal, but it’s only 200 calories!


Look at that yummy hummus!


At the theater, my friend India and I shared some movie popcorn and Junior Mints. I had about 2/3 the Junior Mints and 1/3 the popcorn.


Seriously, this movie was a blast!  We couldn’t stop laughing. Bradley Cooper was super hot as usual, Ed Helms (Andy from the Office) was hysterical, and Zach Galifianakis had way too many one-liners to count. The comedic acting was totally spot on. This movie is gonna hit big, I’m sure!

Afterwards, I needed a little something “real” in my stomach, so I had some grapes (not pictured), snap peas, and a toasted 50-cal tortilla with 2 slices white American cheese.


I went to sleep early (11:30 counts as early, right??) to try to get a few extra zzzs before my super packed weekend! Friday I’m expecting some treats (V-day goodies all day at work and a lunch date with my friend Courtney), plus I have a BIG night planned out on the town. People are coming to my/Julia’s place at 8:30 to get the party started! Sadly I don’t have Monday off 😦 so no long weekend for me, but HAPPY ALMOST WEEKEND anyway! This is going to be a weekend of indulgence I’m sure 🙂