First off, I just want to say that today I received a special package from Diana at The Chic Life when I got into work!! I WAS SO EXCITED! She managed to have the box arrive on my birthday too, it was some true cosmic perfection.  Our east/west coast swap was a stellar success 🙂 I will fill you all in on the goodies later when I have a chance to take pictures, but here is a little preview — I received some of THESE delicious homemade bars! Can’t wait to have one today!! THANKS DIANA, YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

Okay, on to yesterday’s eats! I went back to fruit and yogurt for breakfast. I am completely out of my favorite cherry blend and mango, so this mess was somewhat on the boring side for me.


Lunch was a 6 inch subway turkey sandwich on wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, lots of pickles, S & P, and vinegar. I had subway TOO many times over the next 24 hours…this is just part 1!


I bought some Baked Lay’s but REALLY wanted pretzels (anyone else notice/hate how subway doesn’t sell pretzels??), so I ditched the chips and bought a bag of Snyder’s minis at the shop in my office building. I had half the bag with lunch! (Coley — I always buy Snyder’s now in your honor LOL)


Around 4 I dug into the last of my snap pea supply.


After work, I met up with a bunch of friends at Lola’s, the neighborhood martini bar. The happy hour can’t be beat, with $5 (strong) martinis. I stopped off at home quickly to feed the kitten babies and change before I scarfed down another 1/4 of my sub (got the footlong with the idea of having some for dinner too!!) and the other 1/2 bag of pretzels to get a little dinner in my belly.  At the bar, I started off with this “Give Me Fever” pomegranate/lemonade martini.


We also ordered some appetizers for the table, but I was not too hungry so I only had about 3 chips with dip and a few pita triangles with hummus.


As more people joined the table, more drinks magically appeared. Caramel apple martinis were next!  These were seriously delish.


Somehow I ended up with a glass of bubbly as happy hour drew to a close. Oh yeah, I was playing some pool right about then, hence the cue stick.


All this was followed by a heavenly slice of chocolate cake to share (I ate a decent amount of it though!!). Apparently they told the waitress, whatever had the most chocolate was what I wanted. Ahhh am I that obvious?? This was the Guiltless Chocolate Ganache Tart w/Hazelnut Crust w/fresh raspberries, berry compote, vanilla ice cream touched with dulce de leche. How or why it was “guiltless” I do not know 🙂


More people came, we had a round of lemon drop shots. Then a round of chocolate cake shots in honor of the birthday. These are my favorite, since they taste like…wait for it…chocolate! Duh. Last drink of the night was the best martini of all time. Chocolate. Okay, sorry, last chocolate of the night, I promise!  I could only drink a few sips of this one cause I. Was. Done.  There is a dusting of cocoa on the rim and it’s one of the all-time best drinks I’ve ever had.



When I got home, I had the other 1/4 of my subway waiting for me! It was the perfect size for a healthy post-partying snack.

Coming up! More about my coastal swap package (!!) and insanely good birthday eats, including a killer Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cake. Trust me, you will want to read about it and might need to get some of your own afterwards 🙂