Thursday I turned the big 25 — quarter of a century old!! It was a great birthday where so many little things go right. First, I opened a box of gorgeous presents from my mom, including a super pretty black and white dress that I immediately decided to dress up in for the bday.   Then I got into work and discovered my swap goodies had arrived!  I also got one of my clients onto THE VIEW for a beauty segment, then got an email from the library saying two hardcover books I’ve been dying to read were ready and waiting for me there, AND had the best coworkers treating me all day long (more on that to come!!).  It made me wonder if every day is like that and you don’t notice the little things because it’s just an ordinary day.  Either way, it was a wonderful day. Kicked off by a Subway breakfast sammie, which actually isn’t so wonderful. I mentioned yesterday my 24-hour subway overload…this was the tail end of it! I could only eat 1/2, and even that was pushing it. This was flatbread, egg, bacon (which I pulled out), cheddar cheese, onion, spinach, green peppers, and tomatoes. SO greasy!


Lunch was a million times better! I went with my boss and two girls on the account team to a new italian place near our office. I started with a piece of bread dipped in olive oil, mmm. Then we ordered a personal-sized pizza for the table. This pizza was paper thin.  Literally! Sorry, no picture! We each had two slices. I ordered a veggie pasta dish and ate half. Here is a photo of my leftovers!


Some of the veggies are clearly from a frozen veggie mix, which I thought was weird, but there are also fresh mushrooms and asparagus mixed in as well which totally made the dish.  There was a glorious ice cream cake from Ben & Jerry’s waiting for me back at the office. OH. MY. GOD. It was so good. Ice cream cake is my absolute favorite, and this one was made up of pure heaven.


Here’s a descriptor: Great Cakes – Your choice of two ice creams separated by crumbled brownie layers and decorated to order with fresh whipped cream. This one had white mint ice cream w/fudge chunks and then some sort of chocolate/peanut butter/cookie dough mixture on the bottom. I ate a hugely enormous piece. It was awesome. So much cake in fact that it held me through the rest of the day, a 60 minute elliptical workout, and 3 errands. By the time I got home at 9 I STILL wasn’t too hungry, so I decided on these super easy Trader Joe’s chicken/veggie potstickers. There are 7 in a serving for 230 calories. I browned them with some cooking spray and added soy sauce while they were simmering.


Plus a bowl of edamame!


After dinner and VEGAS preparations, I dug into my package from Diana over at The Chic Life.  Here’s the whole spread:


A jar of the Bone Sucking Sauce I keep hearing about!


Southern bean soup & cornbread. Can’t wait to try the soup!!


Coffee from The Fresh Market. Diana, you are a lifesaver!! Note the reappearance of coffee for Friday’s breakfast LOL. Oh, and a cute honey tea stick that will be used immediately 🙂


These awesome looking Moravian Pumpkin Spice cookies. I love pumpkin spice, and I love cookies. I bet these will be GOOD!


And two of these homemade bars!! Look at the cute Chez Diana sticker. LOVE IT! I wanted to eat one today before my workout but was way too full. So I packed one for my plane ride tonight!


There was also a really lovely card. I lived in Paris for 6 months in college for study abroad, and have a deep love for all things France-related. Meaning this was so totally me!


It was a little weird not going out on my actual birthday day, but so nice to finally have a little time for the gym and errands and being at home. As you’ve all seen, I’ve been so busy doing fun things and not had a minute to spare (seriously, the roommate and I have been sitting in a dark apt. because all of our lightbulbs burned out and neither of us has had one extra minute to go buy some until tonight. That’s bad!!). So the real PARTY is Friday and I can’t WAIT!!!! I finished packing and then munched on some blueberries before hopping into bed. I’ll be back to post (hopefully) right before Vegas!