I’m officially over the hump! Body Reset Day #4 DOWN, only 3 more to go! How fitting that hump day for my week of detoxing was actually hump day during the real week 🙂 Wednesday morning I whipped up a mango smoothie with 1/2 cup frozen mango, 1 & 1/2 cups unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze, and 1 scoop whey protein powder. Yum! I am enjoying these breakfast smoothies.


Lunch was a big bowl of miso soup, to which I added more mushrooms and some of that dryland cress. For some reason, the dryland cress tasted really bitter today and I just couldn’t finish it!


With lunch, I had this mix of pumpkin/sunflower seeds.


I had to run out to the store to pick up more coconut water, so I enjoyed my glass this afternoon instead. I found some more of the O.N.E. brand on sale, 2/$3, WHOO!


I also dove into this cup of yummy blueberries 🙂


After all this intense snacking (haha JOKE!!!), I met my roommate for an amazing 1 & 1/2 hours of yoga. One of her restaurant coworkers teaches the class, and she is sweet as a peach and totally worked my muscles. I left class with achy arms for sure! I also did my first HANDSTAND!! The time totally flew by and now I definitely want to go back for more.

Dinner was a delish piece of salmon with steamed broccoli. 


We didn’t get dinner cooked until SO LATE, like 10 PM, so I ate this in 5 seconds and hopped into bed with The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.  I started this book back in December when I was home for the holidays and was just able to get it out from the library again. I thought it might be a slow moving book based on the storyline but I love it!


Coming up for Thursday, cucumber and avocado soup?? We shall see how that one goes…more green, I KNOW!!

One more thing, shout out to Abbie at Foods That Fit! She is graciously putting together a very cool blogger cookbook that everyone should check out 🙂