Sorry guys! Day #5 was the final one for me. I tried SO HARD to last through Sunday but it didn’t happen. The problem wasn’t with the foods I was eating, but with the foods that I wasn’t, like dairy and grains, which I NEED to be happy and healthy! Okay, here’s what went down…breakfast was another yummy smoothie with unsweetened chocolate almond milk, a heaping half cup of frozen cherries, and a scoop of whey protein.


I managed to resist the big, flaky delicious chocolate croissants we had at the office and dug into this big container of veggies w/some of my homemade dressing instead. I cut up mushrooms, carrots, cukes, radishes, and green beans. Here’s the top layer!


And all the veggies underneath πŸ™‚


Plus some more of my O.N.E. coconut water.


Late afternoon I tried one of the Pure Bars I’ve been reading so much about.


This Cranberry Cashew bar was good! I liked the taste a lot. It was nice to finally have something sweet too. I just wish it had taken up the whole package πŸ™‚


After work is when it all went downhill! Today I just could not stop thinking about food. Not even unhealthy food, but yogurt and Kashi and bananas and whole wheat pasta. Β I was so determined to make it through the seven days, but I have been exhausted and quickly getting sick of the thought of another liquid or veggie. Tomorrow I was supposed to have fish and chicken, and then fish Saturday night, but since tomorrow is a Lent Friday, I knew I was going to have to do fish twice, and the thought of having nothing but fish and veggies for a whole other day was not even a tiny bit appealing. Β When I got home, my roommate immediately greeted me with “I’m DONE,” and that sealed the deal for me too. All I wanted was dairy, carbs, and chocolate, so that’s what I had!Β 

Yogurt with frozen mango, banana, half cup kashi:


Two slices whole wheat, grainy, seedy bread heels with almond butter and cherry jelly. Here’s a close up of the beautiful wheatiness:


Plus the toppings:


And some chocolate:


Now I am so full, but man it was good. I really needed this. I feel a little bit like a failure ending on day 5 but honestly, I don’t think exhaustion and some of the other side effects my body was starting to face were worth another 2 days. I’m sure/hope you will all understand! Hopefully from here on out, my body really has gotten its spring cleaning and I can avoid some of the overeating and excess drinking. I’m excited for real food tomorrow πŸ™‚

Overall, I do think I got a few good lessons out of the last five days. I learned some new great soup recipes, and I saw that I snack way too much during the day, and don’t need to eat dessert every single night just because.Β I’m glad to get back to normal eating, but I don’t know if I could have made the switch without sticking to such a specific plan. Β I HOPE I’ve successfully reset some of my bad eating habits, because I really need to make a change from the last few months. On the bad side though, I was really tired, probably not eating enough, missing my favorite healthy foods, and my body was starting to freak a bit. So glad it’s finally OVER!!