Wednesday morning, I decided to take a break from the bread & PB and make a yogurt mess instead. I have so many goodies from my Tuesday grocery trips, and I want to eat everything all at once! I tried a new Dannon light & fit flavor, Lemon Chiffon, that was pretty good.  The lemon taste was light and tart at the same time.  I added 1/2 cup mixed blueberries and mango, half cup kashi, a couple Puffins, and half banana. Delicious as usual!


I kicked off lunch with some more green grapes.  These will be gone by tomorrow I’m sure!


FINALLY, I got more of my Perfect 10 BAGELS and lemon cilantro hummus. YAY! Plus some veggies and salsa on the side for dipping 🙂


Ah, I wish I were eating this again right now…


I had a few snacks packed for later, but since I wasn’t planning a gym trip, I decided to forgo the fuel and hold off until dinner.  I scarfed down a quick cup of butternut squash soup as soon as I got home.


Followed by a slice of Newsroom bread with 1 tbsp crunchy almond butter. Guess I can’t give up this bread for even one day LOL


Plus another plate of kale chips. I just used table salt this time and these came out great! Sorry, this is a repeat picture with the kosher salt.


I kept the meal pretty light because I knew I would be snacking again later whether I ate big or small! I had to eat super quick because I was running out the door with Kate & India to see…FIRED UP!!!!!!!! Okay, not a movie I would ever watch again except for the first fifteen minutes which were AWESOME!!! Mainly becuase KATE plays one of the high-school girls the lead guy chats up in the hallway. How cool is she?? YAY KATE! It was fun seeing her on the big screen.  We cheered it up a bit; the other people in the theater thought we were looney tunes 🙂 Afterwards, I made up another bowl of yogurt. Once I start eating these messes, I can’t stop!!! I could eat them for every meal I think.  This one had vanilla yogurt, half banana, 1 cup Puffins, a few grapes and a handful of blueberries. MMM!


So glad the week is almost OVER!!