My appetite on Thursday was totally insatiable! It was our intern’s last day, so we got yummy bagels from Panera. I had half of this quasi-chocolate chip bagel. I say quasi because most of the actual chocolate chips seemed to have stuck into the other half. See all those chocolate-ringed holes?? LOL it was still GOOD!


I also had my usual yogurt mess to fill me up, otherwise I knew I would keep returning for more bagels! This one had vanilla yogurt, blueberries, 3 mango cubes, half banana, half cup kashi, and a couple Puffins. The blueberries defrosted quite a bit, making my vanilla yogurt a lovely purple 🙂


Then we took the intern out to lunch at Piknic, a soup/salad/sandwich type place.  I started out with this bowl of matzo ball soup + 4 crushed saltine crackers.


We ate pretty early, so I took the rest of my food back to the office to eat in stages throughout the rest of the day. I started off with my grapes,


And followed those up with my salad from lunch, plus more veggies that I had packed for the office. No dressing on any of these; they forgot to include it! No biggie, I love ’em raw 🙂









Later in the afternoon, I dug into my 1/2 sandwich: Hot Pressed — grilled zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, roasted red peppers & soft goat cheese served on ciabatta bread. YUM! The goat cheese was stellar.


Look at all the CHEESE!


I got a lot done at work, so Friday should be a great day to finish it all and play catch-up! Before leaving the office, I snagged one more bagel bite. I mean, look at those seeds, how could I resist??


To burn off some of my carb-o-licious eats, I headed to the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical. Well, the 60 minutes was also in preparation for my dinner dream — peanut noodles! All day I was craving pasta and peanut butter, so I decided dinner would have to be a combo of the two. I was out of PB, but had just cracked open a new jar of chunky almond butter, so I dug into that. I cooked 1 cup whole wheat pasta, adding 1/3 cup frozen edamame and a handful of fresh broccoli florets to the water halfway through. While this cooked, I microwaved 1 tbsp almond butter, adding water to get desired liquid-y consistancy. For extra flavor, I added some fresh grated ginger, lemon juice, and cilantro to the “sauce” to taste. Here’s my final creation!


All those brown flecks are from the AB!!


This was SO good! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I loved it and will definitely make again! I wouldn’t have minded more nut butter, but I was trying to keep the calories down a little with 1 tbsp instead of 2 🙂 I was pretty full after this, but really wanted to munch, so I popped a bag of Target’s Market Pantry whole grain popcorn. I love how CHEAP this stuff is, and just as good as any other brand, I think. I don’t like really buttery popcorn, and this has just the right amount.


Nutrition stats always confuse me though! If one serving is 3 tbsp unpopped at 130 calories, which makes 6 cups popped at 15 calories per cup (90 calories total), and each bag has 2 servings, that means that one whole bag has approximately 180 calories, right?? Then of course there are always the handful of kernels that don’t pop…for some reason, this is so confusing to me!! Seems like it has a good amount of fiber and protein too, not sure if that’s common for all popcorn though.


Either way, it was good 🙂


I wish I could tell you I stopped there, but I just wanted to EAT. I was totally full, but my cravings completely took over. Does anyone else ever have days when you just HAVE to have something? I seriously couldn’t make myself stop. Sorry no pictures of my late night over-snacking, but I basically finished off my box of Puffins (maybe 2 servings left in the box?) PLUS the rest of my Valentine’s Russell Stover chocolates. Yeah, like 2 servings of those too. I wish I had stopped at the popcorn but I didn’t, so it’s a new day Friday and my goal for this weekend is HEALTHY EATS! It’s supposed to be sunny and warm-ish (mid-60s, I know, I am spoiled…I want it to be 80s!!), so I want to get in some hiking and outdoors activity. Weekends are hard for me because they are so unstructured and I love lazing around reading books, watching movies, and going out to dinner with friends. Those are my three favorite things to do on the weekend, and snacking works so well into all those activities. I think I am off to a good start though; there are donuts in the office this morning that I am 100% successfully AVOIDING!


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