I am so tired today! My yogurt mess breakfast hit the spot as usual. This one had vanilla yogurt, half banana, half cup kashi, and 1 cup TJ’s mangolicious blend.


By the time lunch came around, I was super hungry. I got a foot long turkey & veggie Subway sandwich, with half to eat for lunch today and another half for tomorrow. Plus some diet Pepsi and BBQ Baked Lays.


And I had half a red pepper that I brought from home. Usually I get green peppers, but I’ve been craving red ones lately!


Someone brought a box of Girl Scout cookies into the office, so I had just one of these Tagalongs. My first and maybe only GS cookie of the season! I love eating the PB right in the center last 🙂


I decided to skip the gym after work as my left foot is really hurting me when I walk, I think just from all the walking I did on Saturday.  It’s pretty sore, and I’m guessing the gym just would have made it worse. Instead I came home (while the sun was still out, YAY!) and had some frozen edamame while reading a book. I love frozen veggies! I had this cup times 2.


Then I did 25 minutes of yoga from On Demand Exercise TV. There is one session that’s all twists that’s nice to do when I want some good deep stretches, like tonight.  For dinner, I just couldn’t decide on anything.  I ended up making 1/4 cup quinoa with some celery, carrots, garlic, and basil. It was MEH. Not bad tasting at all, I just didn’t really want it after I cooked it, but I went ahead and ate it anyway.


So I decided to have something that I am ALWAYS craving. Yes, yogurt & fruit & kashi. I possibly might eat too much of this stuff…


I had all this goodness plus a little piece of banana and another few handfuls of kashi. Now I am pretty full on cereal, but still feeling snackish, but I’m blogging now so I can tell myself, no more pictures, kitchen closed!! I am gonna make myself get ready for bed instead — so tired…