Friday morning, I woke up feeling not so hot. Surprise, surprise! I decided that it was definitely a Starbucks-worthy day, so I grabbed a grande Cinnamon Dolce latte on the way to work. I could only finish about half though; for some reason, nothing was sitting right in my stomach.


I also dug into some vanilla yogurt, mangolicious blend, a very small half banana, and since I am all out of the usual kashi, I topped with some pumpkin and sunflower seeds for CRUNCH.


For lunch, everyone in the office decided to pickup Zankou Chicken. I couldn’t get any of the meat items, but I found a nice falafel plate that contained 5 falafel balls, homemade hummus, pickled turnips, tomatoes, tahini sauce, basmati rice, and pita. This was a ton of food! I portioned some out on a plate and still had more than half leftover for another time.

According to the company’s website:

Our Hummus and Falafels are made fresh with garbanzo beans, a good source of fiber that can help lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar levels.

That’s a nice thing to read before enjoying a meal!


On the drive home from the office, I was weighing nap versus gym in my mind and sleep won. I still felt wayyyy less than 100%. So I heated up a nice chamomile tea and climbed into bed with a book.


I didn’t really fall asleep, but I did turn off all the lights and really relax for a good two hours. Then I got up to make a pre-dinner snack. First some red pepper strips and grapes:


Followed by a cup of butternut squash soup and a pita half from lunch for dipping:


With something in our bellies, Julia & I decided to walk to Blockbuster to grab a movie and to the grocery store to pick up our real dinner. We walked about 3 miles total and were pretty hungry again by the time we got home!! Not sure if it was from being tired (it was maybe 11 PM by this point) or anxious to eat (we got such yummy food!) but poor Julia cut her finger while chopping onions! Somehow she managed to wave her hand around before we got it all wrapped up, and our whole kitchen was dotted in red, which we we couldn’t stop laughing about every time we found a new little spot (the kitchen window?? LOL JULIA!!). LUCKILY it finally stopped bleeding…no stitches, WHEW.  I had a lil bowl of spinach tortellini with 1/4 cup vodka sauce. Holy yum!


After dinner came my whole reason for walking to the grocery store in the first place, dessert! Not just any dessert, but strawberry shortcake straight from childhood and my mom’s kitchen 🙂 For this quick and simple version, only 3 things needed: bisquick, strawberries, and cool whip!


I bought this little package of Bisquick ages ago with the intention of using it for this exact dessert. Both the strawberries and Cool Whip were on sale for $1 each, so tonight seemed like the perfect night!! For these biscuits, all you have to do is add water and bake for 10 minutes. Super easy, and you get 6 biscuits at about 150 cals each. Plus strawberries and the Cool Whip at 15 cals per 2 tbsp, this decadence is actually a fairly healthy snack!!!!


MMMmmm. We enjoyed these while watching Happy Go Lucky, which was a little weird and not what we were expecting at all. We ended up just going to bed about halfway through — will have to finish it up later this weekend. YAY weekend!! Hope everyone is having a good one.