After the sugar overload wore off, I finished off the last spoonful of basmati rice with some frozen edamame to get a lil real food in my belly.


Then Julia and I did 40 minutes of yoga in the living room. She was the “teacher” and was awesome!! She even helped me do some headstands πŸ™‚ For dinner, I made a heaping half cup spinach tortellini with 1/4 cup vodka sauce and some fresh sliced mushrooms.


After dinner, we went out to celebrate our friend Emily’s birthday! I had a vodka Red Bull in an effort to wake up a little bit, plus a really delicious banana walnut cookie. It tasted just like banana bread in cookie form, yum! Here’s a pic of me with the bday girl.


Then Julia & I went to a going away party at Cat & Fiddle, one of our regular bars that’s always a good time. I kicked back and had two vodka sodas. It was kinda chilly outside, but we enjoyed the fresh air anyway!


After last call, we may or may not have picked up some fast food πŸ™‚ You decide…


I haven’t had McDonald’s in ages, and this burger and fries didn’t disappoint. Neither did the few Oreo McFlurry bites that I stole from Julia’s friend Jeremy! And of course Julia and I dug in and finished up the rest of the cupcakes before bed. It was a delicious foodfest!!

This morning though I woke up motivated to eat something healthy and get moving! I met Stephanie for breakfast at Newsroom, where Julia was working. I ran the 2+ miles to the restaurant to get my blood moving. Julia brought us this delicious blueberry papaya scone on the house! It’s low fat and made without any refined sugar, but doesn’t taste like it πŸ™‚


It was SO good and warm from the oven! We ate more than half but made sure to save room for the rest of our food.


I also had a nice cup of coffee with some skim milk and splenda.


I got my usual Brazilian High Energy Breakfast bowl, with blended acai soy moo, banana, hemp granola, strawberries, and blueberries. LOVE THIS STUFF!


After breakfast, I walked the 2 miles back home. Now I am headed out to get some side dishes to bring to a BBQ this afternoon! I want to make brownies but am running out of time. Late as usual, that’s me πŸ™‚