I woke up today without my alarm! I guess I forgot to set it, but I rolled over at 6:50 and was wide awake — whew! Today was one of those Mondays where I really wished it were still the weekend, but I got at least a little pick-me-up from my yummy yogurt mess. I am still out of kashi cereal but had another biscuit so I crumbled that up instead. So good! Especially with the fresh mango.


For lunch I tested out the Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers line as a new possible easy lunch option.  I decided on the Roasted Chicken Marsala, which listed white meat chicken & penne pasta w/green beans and marsala wine sauce as the descriptor.  The nutrition stats for this meal are 240 calories, 5 g fat, 5 g fiber, 17 g protein. Love the low cal/high protein numbers! Overall, it was pretty good. The pasta was by far my favorite part. I am just REALLY not a big fan of any kind of frozen entree chicken. It was perfectly fine and there weren’t any “bad” bits, but I can never bring myself to fully enjoy it like a regular, self-cooked piece of chicken!



I also had some juicy green grapes!


And this handful of seeds times two for some crunch 🙂


Around 4 I decided to snack, mostly out of boredom because lunch held me over really well.  Plus I was planning a workout, and I always like to have something to eat a little before exercising to tide me over until dinner.  I had a mug of diet hot chocolate and peanut butter Fiber One bar.


On the way home, I just could NOT motivate myself to go to the gym! My body wanted exercise, but my mind didn’t want to be cooped up. I decided on a nice run outside since the sun was still shining. Fresh air did some good and helped me clear some of the mental cobwebs I couldn’t seem to shake today. I ran a little more than 2 miles and then walked another 2.3ish while chatting with my mom. Another good way to clear mental cobwebs 🙂

Back at the apt I had some grapes while cooking dinner. I could eat these ALL day long!


For dinner, I made a veggie omelet with egg beaters, red onion, and mushrooms.  On the side, I sliced up a roma tomato with dried basil and salt. I also made some mini potato & cheddar pierogies.  At 130 calories for 7, these make a great addition!! Most of my family is Ukrainian so I am used to the real deal (aka many hours of labor for the perfect pierogies), but these are nice when you only have 5 minutes, not five hours 🙂 Plus a glass of milk.



After dinner, Julia and I watched GOSSIP GIRLS (IT”S BAAAAACK!!) and I had the last strawberry shortcake with a rooibos tea. Yummers!