I have been SO hungry lately! I woke up Friday morning and ate the last cup of PB Puffins while getting dressed. It took me 2 1/2 days to eat this whole box. I think it’s supposed to last 2 weeks?? Awkward…

For breakfast, I made a yummy PB sammie (more on that later!), but when I got into the office there was a nice spread of bagels so I decided to have those instead. Here is 1/2 chocolate chip bagel & 1/2 plain bagel w/reduced fat cream cheese with a nice mug of coffee. YUM!


I was planning to try out a new sushi place for lunch. Their online menu listed a really good looking bento box lunch special BUT since I still had my breakfast sitting in the fridge at work, I decided to put the $10+ I would have spent on lunch toward something else — SHOES!!!! I saw some very cute sandals at Gap the other day for $15, so I skipped getting lunch out and snagged these instead. LOVE!


Here’s a pic of my lunch (err breakfast turned lunch), unfolded. I used 1 La Tortilla Factory Tortilla, 1 tbsp crunchy AB, a teensy bit of cherry jelly (the jar is all gone, sad!), and half a very ripe banana. I smashed up the banana and spread it all together. Not sure what to expect from this but YAY! It was a success. I popped it into the micro for 30 seconds and it was warm and delicious.



I also continued the breakfast theme with some instant oatmeal that I keep at the office. I used the Target Market Pantry brand apple cinnamon reduced sugar w/water. Nothing fancy, but still good.


Late afternoon, I treated myself to the awesomeness that is the cherry pie Larabar.


I also had some baby bunny carrots. Lots of fuel before the gym!


After work, I squeezed in 60 minutes on the elliptical. I love when I can get in a nice sweaty workout on Friday and still have time to shower and get all ready again before going out!

Steph, Shar & I went to dinner at TOI, the home of “rockin’ thai” food. Yes, there is a rock & roll decor!! I started with a glass of white.


We ordered three entrees and split everything. The food was SO GOOD! We got Pad Thai w/shrimp; of course, everyone always gets pad thai, right?? This dish was a sure thing and the noodles were especially delicious.


We also ordered the eggplant, pumpkin & tofu dish. The pumpkin was perfectly cooked and tasted amazing!!


For our last dish, we got the vegetarian curry, which is the restaurant’s specialty.  It was unexpectedly coconut-y tasting and ended up being the BEST thing we got!!


To soak up all the curry and veggies, we got special brown rice, which was awesome, and standard white.



The three of us finished almost everything!! I would have licked my plate if we weren’t in a restaurant LOL. And there were fortune cookies to finish us off!


It was great catching up with Steph & Shar! We got back from dinner around 11Pm and returned to an apt filled with people.  So I turned right back around and went out! Kate’s older sister was in town, so we took her dancing. I had one vodka cranberry at the bar. Actually, not even one because I wasn’t in the mood for a crazy night haha. We left around last call and then a few people hung around at our place for a bit after. I had a little bowl with 1/4 cup kashi and 1/2 cup oaty o’s around 3 AM because I was hungry again!


What a fun end to a long week!! I have a huge to-do list for the weekend; hopefully I can get a lot DONE. FIngers crossed 🙂