Today I woke up around 8…seriously, why can’t I sleep in?? I made my usual yogurt mess for breakfast.  Here’s a shot pre-messiness. I just got this big bowl at Target yesterday. I love the butterfly/flower detail!


Today I cleaned and did laundry alllllll day long. My mom is coming to visit THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see her and for her to see my new apt and the kittens. I am trying to pull everything together so my place looks perfect. For lunch I ate a piece of potato pizza and a piece of fruit pizza. MMM!



Plus a lil cup of frozen edamame for some green action.


I am the WORST at weekend snacking, especially when I am around my house and not out & about all day. I really tried to be good about that today…I had a few cubes of juicy mango and later some popcorn and diet Pepsi. Not too indulgent, for me at least!



 For dinner, all I really wanted was ice cream. I was having the biggest cravings for it all day! So I started out making 1 serving of the cheese & cheddar pierogies…


…but then Julia got home and we went for a walk to Target to get some art supplies (more about this to come!! We are making v. cool paintings for our living room!!) and grabbed not one but TWO containers of Dreyer’s Double Churned Ice Cream — French Silk and Mint Chocolate Chip.  I kicked off the ice cream extravaganza with a mug of coffee.


Here’s bowl #1! Oh yeah, plus Magic Shell. It was necessary, I promise.


As was bowl #2! YUM!!! Worth it, totally worth it.


Now I am off to bed, so sleepy! Can’t believe it’s Monday again already 🙂