Monday eats were a great kickoff for my week of healthier habits! I started with the usual yogurt mess. This one contained 2 figs, a cubed granny smith apple, frozen blueberries & half cup kashi.


For lunch I heated up my favorite Lean Cuisine ravioli bowl and crunched on some green peppers.


I started feeling snacky again not long after finishing, so I made a nice steamy rooibos tea with some cinnamon hazelnut Coffee Mate & splenda. This was a nice treat!


Workout fuel today was a Clif Mojo bar, the peanut butter pretzel flavor! I have been dying to try this bar. I definitely loved the pretzel bits throughout, but for 200 calories, I was surprised that it didn’t hold me over longer. Seriously, by the time I left the office, I was already hungry again! 


Instead of finding another snack, I hit the gym for 60 sweaty minutes on the elliptical. FUN!! Haha, not really, but it’s always nice to return to exercise after a few days off.  For dinner, I made a veggie omelet that turned into a veggie scramble with half cup egg beaters, baby bella mushrooms and spinach. On the side, I made sweet potato fries, roasted brussels, and a few roasted red onion pieces. This was very filling and delicious!


I finished up with the last Grey’s I had taped and then Julia & I watched Gossip Girl. DRAMA MAMA!!! Afterwards, I got into bed with a book and a little snack — 1/4 cup kashi, 1/4 cup oaty o’s, 1% milk, and 2 strawberries, sliced. I have been craving cereal lately, which is pretty unusual for me. This seemed like a much healthier way to handle that craving, rather than curling up in bed with a book and the whole box LOL.


I’m feeling pumped about the week ahead! I KNOW I can keep this up if only I TRY, TRY, TRY 🙂