My stupid computer just lost my whole post! UGH!! Okay, here it goes again…Tuesday morning, I had a very All-American breakfast — red, white and blue — with blueberries, strawberries, half banana and lemon yogurt. Okay, maybe more like red, yellow and blue! Plus half cup kashi. This yogurt mess is one of my favorites.


For lunch I started with a nice big salad topped with light balsamic vin dressing. I used to eat big salads like this one to fill me up all the time. I need to get back to doing that! Although it’s more out of laziness when I am making lunch the night before than not wanting to eat them LOL.


I also had two slices of Oroweat Light bread with Better N Peanut Butter. This bread is great for sandwiches! The slices are a bit smaller than normal, but that’s because the bread is only 80 calories for both pieces. I loving using this brand when bread is not the focus of the meal. For example, give me a good doughy piece of french bread for soup dipping any day! But when I am making a sandwich, I love that the bread can be so low-cal and the fillings can be most important. I’m still iffy about the PB. It’s not like my usual natural butters, but again, at 100 calories for 2 tbsp, it’s not a bad alternative. My banana was sort of messed up on the bottom half, so only one slice got graced with nanner slices.


After lunch, I said buh-bye to some cottage cheese! Nope, not the food, but those dimples on the backs of my thighs! One of my clients has a spa as part of the company’s business. Since I am always writing up about the different procedures and products, they are basically “forcing” me to come in and get some treatments. Yes please!! Yesterday I got an anti-cellulite treatment, which basically included an intense chopping Russian-style massage and a rolling French-style massage on the backs of my thighs and bottom of my booty. Complete with cucumber water and a fluffy white robe of course! Sometimes I love my job ๐Ÿ™‚

I got back to work relaxed and refreshed with only an hour left in the day! I was going to forgo my snack but didn’t want to lose stamina during my workout so I heated up a bowl of instant low-sugar apple cinnamon oatmeal.


I really wasn’t feeling the gym yesterday, especially since I was book-less and magazine-less. Some of you have asked how I get through 60 minutes on the elliptical without getting bored. Reading is the key for me! The TVs at my gym stink, so I always try to have a book or mag to help make the hour fly. Without them, I decided to detour and hike Runyon Canyon, which is pretty close to the gym anyway. Check out the signs posted at all the entrances!


Whew! The hike kicked my butt! I went up the steep side of the hill and pushed myself hard so I could really feel my heart pounding. One of my favorite things about hiking is that you get the tough stuff out of the way first, and then once you reach the top, it’s all smooth sailing from there! Here are some pics of LA from the top. Yes, I dragged my camera along this once for posterity. Look at that pretty blue (ehh smoggy) sky ๐Ÿ™‚



And a shot of the trails I took back down!


This was a fun workout! Now that it’s sunnier later, I’m sure there will be many more hikes in my future. For dinner, I decided to make a stir-fry with some Shirataki noodles. Maybe I am the last person learning about them, but my roommate Julia turned me on to these AWESOME noodles made of tofu! This ENTIRE package is only 40 calories.


I was going to do a stir-fry with chicken, but since it was $6.99 per pound at the grocery store, I went all veggie instead. First I sauteed some fresh broccoli, radishes, baby bella mushrooms and green onions in 1 tsp toasted sesame oil & 1 tsp light soy sauce. Then I washed, drained, heated (1 minute micro) and dried the Shirataki noodles before adding them, plus another tsp sesame seed oil and soy sauce to the pan. So delicious!


These noodles worked perfectly for this type of dish. They don’t taste exactly like pasta, but since many Asian dishes are made with Udon, or Soba, or glass noodles anyway, I didn’t really notice that I wasn’t eating “pasta.” They also took on a lot of the other flavors from the stir-fry. I am definitely adding Shirataki to the regular rotation!

I tried catching up on TBL, but I couldn’t even finish last week’s episode, I was too tired! I was itching for some cereal again as I curled up in bed, so I snuggled up with a book, some tea,ย and half cup oaty o’s & 2 sliced strawberries in some milk.


Happy April Fools & Hump Day everyone!!