Friday morning…do I even have to tell you??


At lunch, I had another big salad with light balsamic vinaigrette to fill me up.


I also had a Lean Cuisine veggie pizza. These are small but good!


Yesterday was payday, aka coffee day! I had to get another Coffee Bean light ice blended after my first of the season last weekend. Love these 🙂


After work, Julia & I got girlified and ready to go out. We split a glass of wine before getting to the bar. Yup, plastic cups all the way.


We walked over to The Village Idiot for dinner and drinks. We were planning to sit at the bar but it was totally packed! The host liked us though and split a four top so that we could sit down for din. I got a Riesling with my meal!


Since we had never eaten here before, we decided to order a few things to share. We started with a really delicious spicy rock shrimp soup. Sorry about the blurry photo!


We also ordered the veggie pie, which had an amazing flaky crust.


And lots of spinach and artichokes inside! MMM!


We also ordered a nice piece of chicken that came with some onions and greens.


And an awesome dish of broccoli on the side!


The guy sitting at the table next to us grabbed my camera at one point and snapped a pic as we were pondering the dessert menu. Cheese!


Since we were out celebrating (Julia signed a new manager!! And we are all-around awesome of course), we ended up passing on dessert and ordered some champagne instead. Luckily, our bill came with four little lemon shortbread bites!


After dinner, we moved over to the bar. More picture taking ensued, surprise surprise.


And we shared a glass of Malbec with our new bar friends from Australia and the Czech Republic. These two were so funny!


After The Village Idiot, we ended up at a bar game night. I haven’t played card drinking games in forever! I had about half a vodka soda while playing. Yes, I was slowly sipping LOL.


When I got home, some cereal was a must! I know I said I wasn’t going to eat this at night anymore but I was actually really hungry. I had two of these bowls before falling into dreamland.


I have so much to get done today! Tonight is Becky’s birthday party and there are a million and one little errands I want to do before that. Right now I am still in my PJs watching TV sooo we shall see what happens with that. So glad it’s Saturday 🙂