Saturday breakfast was a change-up from yogurt and really yummy. I had two slices of Oroweat light with Better N Peanut Butter, half banana and 3 figs all chopped up.


Plus a frothy coffee on the side!


I got a few things done around the apartment before lunch. I finally had time to cook up an acorn squash that’s been burning a hole in my cabinet. I also tossed 1/4 cup brown rice, 1/4 cup raisins & 1 chopped granny smith apple into my rice cooker, then mixed in 1 tbsp pine nuts when that was cooked. What a delicious combo of flavors!



I also had a baby bit of yogurt and kashi on the side.


After lunch, I ran some errands and hit the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical. I’ve been slacking on weekend workouts and need to start them up again! I got home hungry around 5 and made a little tasting plate of raw broccoli, ak-mak crackers, tomato basil hummus and pretzel slims to munch on.


Sort of a mistake (should have just made a real meal!!) because it turned into many more pretzels with hummus.


I decided to stop snacking and make dinner instead, so I threw together a quick salad and cooked up a 100-cal TJ veggie eggroll for the side.



But the snacking bug had already bit me apparently! We went out for Becky’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKO!!!) and lots of salty snacks and many, many drinks were consumed. I would post some pictures, but I’m sure you can imagine! We had a great time 🙂

I’m posting this one shot of the world’s best grocery store cookies and leaving it at that.


Of course I woke up thinking that I said I was going to get serious this weekend and clearly I didn’t. Obviously it hasn’t clicked yet but I’m determined that it will. Being mad at myself the next day just isn’t worth it!  I had an easy breakfast in bed of a Perfect 10 bagel with Better N Peanut Butter and half banana, with some much needed coffee on the side.



After some much needed extra time in bed (not sleeping of course, I can never sleep late!), I met Steph for lunch at the cutest French cafe. I started with some more coffee LOL.


For lunch, I had a cup of my favorite, French onion soup. I had this without the cheese and it was great!


I also had a side salad that came with my amazingly fresh bowl of ratatouille. I can’t wait to come back to this place and try some more off the menu!



While wandering around Venice in the sun, Steph and I had a nice talk about my perpetual weekend food overload. Sometimes it helps to vent with someone else and Steph is definitely my go-to food friend 🙂

For dinner, I had some v. frozen edamame…


…and made a nice big salad with some mushrooms, chicken, 1/4 avocado, and salsa in lieu of dressing.


I’m tempted to eat a little something else but I think I will just call it a night and close the kitchen for once!!