This is going to be a quick one with not too many pictures I’m afraid…I’m tired and ready to get into bed! Breakfast was a yogurt mess, today with TJ mangolicious blend, strawberries and half cup kashi. I picked up some more bananas today, thank goodness!


For lunch I had my new regular turkey and avocado sandwich on Oroweat Light. I was too lazy to make a salad last night so I just brought some frozen broccoli and heated it at work. Hey, it’s green and better than nothing!


After lunch I took a nice long walk with some of the girls at the office and we picked up iced coffees.


I also had to pull out a Fiber One bar from my drawer stash around 3. Perfect in a pinch!


After work, I ended up at happy hour at Pink Taco with the girls from the office. I haven’t gotten to hang out with them much outside work so I didn’t want to pass this up! While chatting about boys and office gossip, I had two glasses of white wine, plus some chips and salsa. For dinner, I ordered the healthiest thing I could find — chicken tostada bowl, minus the tostada, cheese, sour cream, and dressing. So basically lettuce, tomato, onions, pinto beans, chicken, and guacamole. It was amazingly delicious without all the extras!

We left the bar a little after 7 so I decided to stop at the gym anyway. I did the usual 60 on the elliptical (still need to work on adding in that strength training!!) and actually came home and cooked a meal for lunch at work tomorrow! I need a break from the turkey sandwiches 🙂

I also returned to discover the big girl version of an Easter basket from my mommy — lots of candy!!  I’m not even sure if I can begin to explain how much was in the box…here’s an idea 🙂


I’m going to pick out a few pieces instead of hoarding the whole stash and get into bed! Night!