Today the second BB packet made its way into my oatmeal! I had to try Barney Butter with oats, right?? I made this bowl with a pack of low-sugar apple cinnamon instant oatmeal, half a banana and the AB half stirred in, half on the side for dipping. Delish!


At lunch, I went on a shopping mission to find a bday present for my sister. No luck! By the time I finished I was RAVENOUS so I went with the one thing I was craving — a burrito! Not just any burrito, but the Nature’s Grill from Poquito Mas.  This one has grilled eggplant, mushroom, zucchini, red & green bell pepper, red & white onion, and black beans.  Seriously, how good does this burrito look?!


I also had some freshly baked chips with pico de galo.


Luckily there were a few more chips in the bag to munch on, since I decided to stay late at work so I wouldn’t have anything hanging over my head this weekend.  The burrito and extra chippies held me over until I got home around 7:30. I skipped the gym in favor of the office, so I did Shred Level 1 right after walking in the door! I’m so glad I found this workout. Day 2 was definitely harder on my muscles.

Afterward, I whipped up a new Shirataki creation.  Tonight I tried the angel hair pasta style for the first time. I topped it with some cooked grape tomatoes and rosemary. AH-MAZING!! I need an endless supply of this stuff.


I also had some frozen peas to munch while watching The Office.


Now I am just watching some more TV before bed…maybe by 11 tonight?! Crazy 🙂