I miss the weekend already! This morning I had another Stonyfield Oikos with strawberries, half banana & kashi cereal. This yogurt is SO much thicker than my usual Dannon. It also has 3 times as much protein!  I still love my sweet vanilla and lemon yogurts, but I would definitely rely on this greek yogurt when I need something to really stick with me.


Lunch was a 6 inch Subway turkey sub with some pretzels on the side. Sorry, these are totally recycled pictures but I promise, my sammie looked exactly like this one 🙂



Pre-workout, I had half of this 100 calorie protein shake…


The shake fueled me through my 60 minutes on the elliptical, which was made easy thanks to Twilight! I finished the book while working out — can’t wait to bum the next one off Steph!

Dinner was a multi-part meal eaten over the next four hours…I started with a salad.


Followed quite a while later by a slice of paska w/a hard boiled egg on the side.


Plus some frozen edamame.


And for dessert, I had this cute little taste of pie!


I’m so sad — there’s only one tiny sliver of bread left!! I wanted to eat it SOOO badly but I’m saving it so I can have one more slice of bliss tomorrow:)

Happy Monday everyone! I have some exciting food-related news for y’all too, coming tomorrow (too late tonite LOL). Get psyched — I am!!