Breakfast this morning was my last slice of Paska bread from Easter with a hard boiled egg on top, of course! So very delicious.


I also had a lemon Dannon with half a banana sliced on top to fill me up.


This breakfast lasted me a long time! Around 1, I met Katie Jo & Julia for lunch. It was great having the girls come entertain me at work 🙂

We went to Coral Tree and I got my favorite no-mayo tuna salad. I know there are a million good things at this restaurant but I can’t help but get this salad every time!


Zoom in!!!


After the girls peaced out, I went back to work. Fun times. Late afternoon, I dug into my pre-workout snack. I have been carrying this bar in my purse for weeks now and it hasn’t tempted me one bit but today I couldn’t wait to have it!


At the gym, I did 40 minutes on the elliptical. Nothing very impressive. My workouts have been so halfhearted lately! After 40 I finished the book I had with me and didn’t have my iPod, so I headed out to the grocery store instead. Check out the cool new products I found at Fresh & Easy — lettuce blend with strips of beet mixed in and Ginger Peach tea!


While making dinner, I snacked on some strawberries and mango. Mango is on sale this week so I majorly stocked up! I’ve been missing it.


Tonight I decided to give black bean burgers a try! I came up with my own recipe of 1/2 cup black & kidney beans, diced green bell pepper/onion/mushroom, 1 egg white, 1 tbsp Bone Suckin’ BBQ sauce and 2 tbsp bread crumbs. Just a half cup of beans with these mix-ins made two patties that I broiled in the oven with a sweet potato cut into chips and some lemon/pepper seasoned brussel sprouts. Here’s everything all together with another tbsp BBQ sauce for dipping!


I’m totally in love with these burgers!!!!! They were so easy and insanely good!


For dessert, I was in the mood for something a little chocolatey.  If you thought that a no-pudge brownie couldn’t be improved upon…you thought wrong! I microwaved a single serve no-pudge brownie with 1/4 of a v. ripe banana and a small spoonful of Better N’ Peanut Butter. No-pudge will never be the same again!


Tomorrow is Thursday already, YAY! Crossing my fingers for nice weather this weekend 🙂