Hi everybody! Hope you are all having a great weekend. I am relaxing and enjoying my morning cup of joe. Still pretty tired after the 12 hours I spend driving yesterday so I could go to Pebble Beach Food & Wine. It was awesome!! I have so much I want to share with you guys so look for all that jazz later today!

Friday I woke up very happy about the impending weekend. Whew, this week was a real creeper for me!! I had a really great mess for breakfast.


At lunch, Stephanie picked me up from the office and we headed over to Poquito Mas for burritos. I got the Nature’s Grill again — the eggplant/black beans combo is killer! No cheese or sour cream needed, simply pure veggie delight. And I kept my fingers out of the basket of chips only to discover that just the burrito itself will keep me full! Surprise, surprise 🙂


Can you tell that I’m loving neon lately?!

I also grabbed my payday Starbucks, an iced coffee this time, for a late afternoon pick-me-up.


After work, I raced home to get ready for my first Dodgers game! I snacked on this oddly non-juicy green apple with cinnamon.


For the game, the girls picked up beers and I grabbed this very cute mini bottle of Chardonnay for less than $2!


I THOUGHT dinner at the game would be Dodger dogs and hot pretzels but Becky brought ingredients for salads and whipped up these individual dinners for us at the game. How cute is that?!?


Our salads had spinach, peppers, walnuts, goat cheese, avocado, seasoned & grilled shrimp, and homemade dressing.  It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


Plus a piece of olive bread on the side.


Becky, you ROCK!!!

I had another glass of wine at the game. Wait, make that plastic cup.


We had awesome seats behind home plate. The Dodgers were losing when we showed up, but we must have been their good luck charm for the night because they won the game! Go team!!!


Manny Ramirez making solid contact!!


Here we are with our game faces!! Oh yeah, India is munching on our dessert — baby carrots! Yes, the people around us eating greasy food were both amused and jealous. Well, we are assuming the jealous part after all the oohing and ahhing we did over Becky’s food!!




What a great night!!

So my sister and I had a long talk and we were discussing healthier habits in general. I decided that each day I will do 3 things, or make 3 choices, that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. These things can be small, they just have to be conscious decisions to do something differently.

Three Things for Friday

1) Skipped on tortilla chips at the Mexican restaurant at lunch

2) Went with Steph to get froyo after eating but listened to my “full” body cues and didn’t get any

3) Ate salad for dinner at the game and refrained from eating hot dogs or pretzels or nachos or any of that stuff

There you have it! I am amazed at how those 3 little things on Friday probably saved me hundreds of calories. Hopefully this will jump start a healthier mindset!!

I’m headed down to Laguna to finish out the weekend with a beach day but will definitely post tonight about Pebble Beach!! Peace out 🙂