I apologize right now for some of these pictures!! Apparently the rechargeable batteries I had no longer work, and I don’t have any other batteries lying around, so I had to use my cell phone. In a dim restaurant. Yes, they are crapola.

For breakfast, I had a lovely yogurt mess with some figs added for extra umph because I only had a tiny bit of kashi left to sprinkle in the mix! Must buy more ASAP!


For lunch, we headed out to Bev Hills to celebrate L’s birthday (same one we had cake for yesterday). I got a very delicious grilled veggie & goat cheese sandwich. I ate half at the cafe and saved the other half to snack on at the office!


For dessert our server brought out grilled nutella sandwiches with a candle so we could sing to the birthday girl, but I only had one bite. I love Nutella, but I was seriously full!  Back home after work, I snacked on an apple to tide me over until dinner. If this picture looks familiar, it’s because I had the same snack Friday when my camera was not broken…thought you guys deserved at least one good shot!


Julia and I went to the cast & crew screening of Bring It On: Fight to the Finish…Julia has a speaking part in the movie and she rocked!!!! GO ROOMIE!!!!  She is listed in the credits as Shoevite Girl because she gives the cheerleaders stiletto heels as invites to this big party.  Maybe I should start calling her that, what do you think Jules?!?  Haha, just kidding.  The movie was actually really cute tho and the dancing is sick!

We were ravenous by the time we got out and hit up Sushi Dan for some yummy treats. I love that I can get good sushi at 10 PM, thank goodness! We started with some hot sake thanks to our friend Brian who was bartending last night. Sake glasses are so cute 🙂


We also had miso soup…


…and edamame!


Sushi Dan has CRAZY sushi rolls, but I decided to stick to the classics and ordered a spicy tuna roll and a CA roll. Both were awesome, as usual. Again, seriously sorry about these pictures LOL.



After dinner, Julia and I hit up Yogurt Stop for a little froyo treat. Again, love that you can get froyo at 11:30 PM. What would I do without all these late night restaurant hours?! I had a mix of flavors with some sprinks.


Three Things for Wednesday:

  1. Ordered my sandwich w/o the basil garlic sauce (I really don’t mind going condiment free!)
  2. Only had one bite of dessert at lunch
  3. Split my froyo order in half and saved the rest for tonight

So I haven’t been to the gym in a WEEK and my body is kind of mad at me I think. I can’t go tonight but hopefully tomorrow since I won’t be going out until late! Hopefully I can score some batteries today too 🙂

Happy almost weekend everybody!!

By the way, DONUT GIVEAWAY at An Apple A Day!! YUMMERS!!