I actually made some progress on my work today — always a good thing!!!  Breakfast was the usual 🙂


For lunch, I heated up some Indian food that I cooked last night — Tasty Bite Punjab Eggplant with a serving of brown rice and a side of veggies.


It was pretty good and sort of spicy. I got this at Fresh & Easy and it made 2 servings at 140ish calories each!!


Of course, I went shopping on my lunch break and didn’t get back to the office to eat until 2 and I was WAY past the hungry point.  So right after I finished my lunch, I dug into my pre-workout snack — a chocolate mocha Fiber One bar.  This is the first time I’ve had this flavor and I wasn’t disappointed!  The PB is still my absolute favorite, but this one definitely gets second place.  The mocha was a great extra 🙂


Orange you glad I painted my nails this fun shade??? HAHAHAHA, I’m so funny.

After work, I hit the gym for 60 minutes on the elliptical. I found some Fine Young Cannibals to rock out to on my iPod, old-schooL!!  For dinner, I made a quick salad with spinach, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, and Catalina free dressing to get something in my stomach before showering.


After my shower, I cooked up a batch of black/kidney bean burgers.  1 cup of beans made 4 burgers, two for tonight and two for tomorrow.  They didn’t stick together all that well, but they still tasted good!  Especially drizzled with Bone Suckin’ Sauce.


Right now I am watching last night’s Law & Order SVU while eating a little dessert. This cup of ice cream with 2 dried cantaloupe pieces is DEEElicious!


Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Ate the lunch I brought from home instead of picking up food from a restaurant with everyone else (yes, my office eats out a lot!)
  2. Tricked my hungry tummy with a mug of tea instead of another snack before going to the gym
  3. Skipped the carb-y side with dinner

The weekend is almost here! It’s supposed to be warm again, so I am crossing my fingers for the beach! Anyone else planning to catch some rays?