Just kidding about catching those rays! As the lovely Caroline pointed out to me… “wait, isn’t it supposed to rain this weekend?”…Ryan Seacrest is a BIG FAT LIAR and it’s actually supposed to be 60 and raining. Boo, hiss!!

I kicked off Thursday (can I rename this day to Almost Friday??) with my yogurt mess.


Today I knocked some magazine reading off my to-do list. I had a huge pile to get through! Think this times 20. I know, such a hard task šŸ™‚


For lunch, I started with some cinnamon-doused fuji apple slices, which I ate while reading about Chef Chris Bianco’s delicious pizzas. I can’t wait to try his dough recipe!


I also had spinach, grape tomatoes and mushrooms tossed in some light balsamic and topped with my leftover bean burgers.


I saved some of the burgers to eat along with a sweet potato. This lunch was super filling!


At 2, we all got booted out of the office for a building fire drill.Ā  We had to walk down from the 14th floor…YAY for boosting my heart rate!Ā  It was super long, which was annoying, but we got to spend 40 minutes outside, which was nice šŸ™‚

I grabbed an iced coffee from Coffee Bean because I really needed the caffeine boost.


I got a second boost with my pre-workout snack, the Fiber One Chocolate Mocha bar.


After work, I was having one of those days where I really wasn’t feeling the gym.Ā  So I made a bargain with myself to do 30 minutes.Ā  Plus, I am out of Kashi and the grocery store is next to the gym šŸ™‚

After my half hour on the elliptical, I headed home for a good free weights workout.Ā  This is one thing I really want to add back into my routine!

For dinner, I decided to make chicken potstickers, veggie eggroll, edamame and broccoli.Ā  I cooked the potstickers in 1 tbsp soy sauce to get them extra flavorful!



This ENTIRE dinner, complete with the soy sauce for cooking, comes to 460 calories. Pretty good, right?! Much better than if I ordered from a Chinese restaurant for sure.

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Ordered iced coffee instead of a latte
  2. Bargained with myself to do 30 minutes at the gym AND a free weight session
  3. Decided I was full enough after dinner to skip dessert!

Tomorrow night I am hoping for a relaxing evening, maybe with Bride Wars and another calzone. I have been oddly tired this week and am in need of a major lazy Friday night!