Saturday morning I woke up to another yogurt mess. MMM dreamy! I also had a few extra handfuls of Kashi straight from the box while catching up with emails and blogs. Oops. That stuff is addictive sometimes!


I was in a little funk yesterday, so I spent a very lazy day doing a lot of nothing.  I had carb cravings like WHOA, but I cooked up a bowl of mixed veggies so I could get my greens in with my whites.


Then I made a serving of plain Jane white elbow macaroni.  Just pasta and salt!


After I answered my carb cravings, my chocolate cravings started calling. I had two Cadbury eggs, almost the end of my Easter stash.


After the pasta and chocolate, I felt a big sleep coming on.  I took a long nap and woke up refreshed, bad mood gone!  Just in time for my big night out, whew. Before showering, I knocked off Day 2 of shredding. I talked to my mom earlier as she was out buying some weights. Apparently she did Level 1 with EIGHT POUND WEIGHTS and called me to tell me that it was a bit hard and maybe she should get lighter weights. Yes, mom, yes. So she picked up a set of 5 pounders. My mom is wicked strong if you haven’t guessed!

Then while getting dressed and ready, I had a cinnamon sprinkled apple.


Followed by a quick and easy filling dinner inspired by Julia — herb seasoned chicken and a sweet potato. YUM! I definitely need to start eating more meals like this one. My roommate lives on chicken and veggies and I am much more of a bread and pasta kind of girl…I want to start stealing some of her meal habits though!


Plus a glass of red. A must to get your makeup looking perfect, I say.


Last night ended up being sort of crazy and very random. I went out with one of the girls from work and her friends. We wound up in a stretch Hummer limo?? I felt like I was in high school on the way to prom, weird. Then we ended the night dancing at Foxtail, which was fun. I had a couple vodka sodas…apparently, one too many because I woke up today so hung over!  Julia saved my life with a huge glass of water and a handful of Excedrin.  I think this might be the first morning in as long as I can remember that I didn’t wake up ready for breakfast.  I managed to lay around until noon before I could even think about food!

Finally, I grabbed a book and went to visit Julia at her restaurant, Newsroom. I switched from my usual Brazilian Bowl and got an egg white scramble made with green chile-pesto, sun dried tomatoes, and caramelized onions, plus potatoes and my all time favorite 9-grain bread.  This stuff is the only thing I will give up morning yogurt messes to eat instead!  I ended up eating about half the eggs, most the potatoes, and both slices of bread — topped with strawberry jelly — obviously!


I also had a piece of chicken sausage on the side. Newsroom has amazing chicken sausage!


After my brunch, I hit a bunch of stores to do some birthday/Mother’s Day shopping. I had a little bit of success, but I still need more, augh! I just haven’t been finding very many cute things lately. Of course, I managed to find awesome shorts for myself. Funny how it always works out that way, hmm 🙂

I snacked on a slice of bread that I took from brunch while walking around. Julia promised to bring some of the heels as soon as they fill up a bag with them. Can’t wait for that!


By the time I got home after a few more errands, it was a little after 6 and I was starting to get hungry again. I had my last apple (must buy more!!) with some cinnamon, surprise!


Then I shredded with Jilly-o.  I definitely felt the movements in my chest today while doing push-ups and some of the weights!

Julia and I decided to walk to Real Food Daily, an amazing organic, vegan restaurant. By the time we got there, it was already 8:30 and we were so hungry!! I ended up getting an awesome make-your-own bowl with greens, veggies, blackened tempeh, and millet & quinoa. I picked Lime Cilantro sauce for dipping on the side. They make all their dressings at the restaurant, and this one contains olive oil, rice vinegar, rice syrup, onion, citrus, herbs & spices. It was so good!!


This meal was crazy filling.  It was also my first time trying tempeh. I was pleasantly surprised. I can only imagine how much protein this packs! I can’t wait to pick some up to use in future meals. The walk home helped me make a little room for some froyo with sprinkles 🙂


I had such a great day today, but I really need to get better with time management. I mean, it’s almost 1 AM and I have to be up soon for work. This happens to me every Sunday!

Three Things for Saturday

  1. Ate a healthy, protein-packed dinner before going out
  2. Skipped the tables ladled with candy and chips at the pre-party
  3. No drunken snacking/cereal overload when I got home

Three Things for Sunday

  1. Took my time eating brunch and stopped when I was full
  2. Didn’t get a Blizzard at the mall, even though it’s the only Dairy Queen I’ve seen within 30 minutes of my place. (There’s something about not having DQ readily available when the craving strikes that makes me feel like I have to get it whenever I am at this mall!)
  3. Walked to dinner instead of driving (3.5 miles round trip)