Monday already?! How is that possible?! Mondays always feel especially intense because we have a big staff meeting in the morning where we basically discuss every single client and go over every single thing we are working on and what we plan to work on in the future. Always fun!! Luckily, yogurt messes help me get through 🙂


For lunch I had a random bunch of food I grabbed on the way out the door — a serving of breaded eggplant, a serving of polenta, and some mixed veggies. It was decently tasty and filling. I need some better lunch ingredients though, stat!


I had a PB Fiber One bar for a snack in the afternoon, my favorite flavor.


After work I meant to go to the gym but ended up detouring for a few groceries. I found some PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams! I have been on the lookout for this stuff so I had to get it. Of course, I opened the jar and had a spoonful as soon as I walked in the door. Yum! It wasn’t quite as chocolate-tasting as I had hoped (I think I was crossing my fingers that it would taste like a dark chocolate bar with nuts, honestly), but I can’t wait to give it a few more tests 🙂


I did my shredding before dinner, day #4 down for the count! I really need to keep up with the gym though. I don’t want for this to totally replace my regular workouts! Then Kate came over to celebrate…she just got cast in a new Showtime 6-part mini series!!!!!! YAY KATIEKINS!!!!!! Of course the good news called for some bubbly. Cheers!


We also got a kickass pizza, but I was good and had some broccoli first.


With that out of the way, I moved on to the good stuff! Kate ordered from Cheebo, which I had never had before, but apparently they use all organic and natural ingredients.  Our pizza had mushrooms, olives and pesto on top. So good! The pieces were somewhat small which just means more to munch!!  I had two squares plus this corner piece while watching Gossip Girls. Anyone else not loving these story lines right now?! Hopefully good ole Georgina will stir up some trouble.


Right now I am dealing with a little dramalama of my own…I just want to get into bed! Here are my 3s for y’all…

Three Things for Monday

  1. Brought lunch from home even though I have ZERO good lunch food
  2. Didn’t eat the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies we had at the office today
  3. Ate some broccoli before my pizza. Yay for greenery!