Ah, Tuesday.  Yogurt mess, glorious as usual.


For lunch, my boss took me out for Italian. I scored him a nod as a PR Guru in the June issue of Glamour, so he took me out to eat as a thank you. I was worried he would grill me on business stuff the whole meal, but we basically just talked about France and our different experiences in Paris, which always makes for some fun convos!

To start, we ordered the mushroom/white bean soup of the day. My boss is pretty healthy and made sure that the soup was dairy/cream free before ordering it LOL. I ordered the grilled chicken with spinach salad, which was served flattened and butterflied.  I love when restuarants butterfly chicken because it’s so easy to save half! I also had two forkfuls of veggie pasta on the side. Of course, he insisted on dessert. We got an amazing baked apple served on a round circle of pastry crust with a scoop of ice cream to share.  The apple was SO fresh and delicious! I loved it!! My boss made me take everything home, so I am having the leftover chicken and pasta for lunch today. Luckily you, means you will get a picture when I post for Wednesday 🙂

Late afternoon, I had a 50-cal La Tortilla tortilla with some Dark Chocolate Dreams. This snack held me over until my very late dinner, which was great!


After work I managed to get in 30 minutes on the elliptical in between searching for the rest of my mom’s Mother’s Day prezzie. I STILL couldn’t find everything but I have to put what I have in the mail ASAP so it will arrive before Sunday!!!

Since Cinco de Mayo must be celebrated with margaritas, I finished off my errands and met Kate at Ernie’s for a Cadillac on the rocks with some salt. Love me that salt! I’m not sure what exactly is in the Cadillac margarita…all I know is that it comes with a shot of tequila that you pour into the margarita and it is extra delicious. Obviously!  The place was PACKED (duh Kates! We didn’t think of that) so we had to wait a bit for our table but no matter, we just chatted away next to the huge mariachi band. 


Right when Kate went to ask about our table, they called our name! Sweet! We snacked on some chips, which Kate doused in more salt. Can you see it falling?!  MMM salt.  The two of us munched on these SLOWLY and maybe ate half? Not bad! 


For dinner, I ordered the chicken fajitas, which are made with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and cilantro.  I had one flour tortilla and maybe 1/3 of the chicken here? I have TONS leftover. Those chips did the trick and as soon as our meals came, we were full!


SO I didn’t shred last night. I feel really guilty. Day 5 and I already skipped?!? The shred is seriously not meant to be done at 11:30 PM though. 11:30 PM is the time for eating homemade oatmeal cookies that your roommate just baked in bed while drinking a glass of milk and reading a girlie book. Clearly, since that’s what I did! I honestly was going to try for the shred but doing butt kicks and crawling into bed is just not meant to be.


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Didn’t eat any of the bread w/olive oil for dipping that was on the table at the Italian restaurant
  2. Only ate 1/2 of the soup appetizer because I didn’t want to fill up
  3. Skipped the rice and beans that came with my fajitas (I didn’t even box them up to take home!!)

Hope everyone had a fun Cinco de Mayo!!!