And the work week starts again! At least this is a short one for me 🙂 

This morning, I settled down with my yogurt mess.  I missed these over the weekend!


The first half of the day went by pretty fast with the usual Monday meeting.  For lunch, I finally ate my leftovers from Thursday night.  I really wasn’t feeling this meal, but I didn’t want to waste food or money so I ate it anyway and it was good of course.  Enough to fill me up and that’s what I really need!


After lunch I went to the doctor. Ugh, I hate doctor appointments. When I was younger, my mom used to pull me aside and tell me to stop giving the death stare to the doctor, and I never even realized I was doing it!  It went fine but I left feeling really antsy.  So on the way back to the office, I stopped for a little cup of froyo with sprinkles.  Self medication at its finest!


The rest of the day passed by pretty quickly. I came home and did Shred Level 3.  My mom and I have been doing the shred On Demand, and according to the schedule, only Level 2 will be playing through June, so we might have to jump around a bit. WOAH! I didn’t sweat that much more than Level 1 but it was WAY harder, especially on my arms. I was a little shaky afterwards so I grabbed this carrot on the way back out the door.


Then I walked to Target and Whole Foods for some quick errands. I picked up some tempeh at WF that I am really excited to try! I’m guessing I will need to research some good recipes. Let me know if you have any 🙂

When I got home, Kate came over, dinner in hand! Look at this gourmet meal she made…FANCY, right?!  I ate most of the polenta/spinach mixture on the bottom, all of the scallops, and just a few bites of the bacon.  Thanks Kate, you domestic goddesss, you rock!!


We ate and watched Gossip Girl. Ummm, lamest episode ever, right?? I can’t believe Nate & Blair got together and broke up in like 4 episodes. Why are they rushing all the good stuff?!?!  ANYWAY now I am getting into bed with a book and a little piece from my chocolate Easter bunny. Night!!


Three Things for Monday

  1. Ate my leftovers for lunch instead of going out for food
  2. Walked to do my errands
  3. Ate 1/2 a piece of bacon from the 4 that were on my dinner plate