Today and I are NOT friends!!!!  It was just one of those days. My morning started off with an attempt at shredding right after I got out of bed, but I felt really dizzy only a few minutes in so I got ready for work instead.  My breakfast helped redeem the morning of course 🙂


My day was just looooooooooong. At lunch, I ran to my absolute favorite clothes boutique in Westwood to grab one last belated birthday present for my sister and bumped into Steph!  She is nannying for the cutest two little kids while going to school; the little girl gave me a huge hug after telling me she had to leave to eat her macaroon.  How cute is that?!

I found a fun little diddie for Rach (YAY!) but was about ready to eat my arm off by then.  I decided to grab Poquito Mas because I was SO HUNGRY and really not craving the PB sandwich I brought for lunch.  I needed something with substance!  I got my usual, the Nature’s Grill burrito with tons of delicious veggies and black beans.


The chips were HOT & FRESHy good, so I helped myself to these times 2.


From there, the day just went DOWNhill.  I am trying to get a million things done since I won’t be in the office Friday. Then I got assigned a new client goal to meet that my other coworker basically passed off to me because it’s so hard to get done, ick. FINALLY the day ended and I talked to my mommy about how I probably can’t get back to the East coast for my sister’s graduation part 😦

I knocked off a few errands, including getting a prescription that was supposed to be $252 (!!!!!!!!!) but they finally figured out the generic so I only had to pay my copay.  Dramalama.  Then I went to the gym to stir up some good endorphins only to get there and realize I forgot to pack a sports bra. OHHHHHKAY. So I stopped in the store to pick up frozen fruit for my yogurt mess and of course they were out.  Then my gas light went on while driving home…

My night was saved with a relaxing walk to Trader Joe’s.  They had tons of frozen fruit in stock AND I grabbed my favorite Honey Moon wine. I love this stuff!!!


For dinner I decided to stick with lots of protein and veggies, since I got plenty of carbs at lunch.  Do you love my Christmas red, green, red, green action?!?!


The best thing about my super filling lunch was that it held me for more than seven hours before I got hungry for dinner!  What do you guys prefer, a big lunch and no snack, or a lighter lunch with a late afternoon snack?  I actually prefer a big meal but usually that involves going out to eat so I normally just have a lighter lunch and then a snack.

SO EXCITED for BOSTON!!!! AND RACHEL!!!!! I am going to finish sipping this vino and pack that bag up! Trying to squeeze ten million outfits into a carry-on. We shall see 🙂

Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Got my burrito without cheese or sour cream
  2. Skipped the afternoon snack
  3. No dessert, again, GASP!