Hi everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m back in LA! My trip to Boston was great. I am so glad I got to see my sister before she graduates. I have also wanted to get to Boston one more time before she leaves the city for good (she might be moving to SoCal, fingers crossed!!).

Thursday has been mentally erased by this point! Breakfast was the usual yogurt mess, of course. Then we found out that one of the girls on my team is leaving us (tear, tear) so we went out to get sushi and I got a cute bento box of goodies. Yum! The rest of the day passed by in a very busy blur. I know it involved getting a lot of work done, showering, packing, and snacking on some hummus and crackers. Then I was off to the airport with a PB sammy & book in hand! I flew Virgin to Boston, my new MUST airline. Honestly, I fly across the country often enough to know that the flights with NO TVs should just be re-outfitted, seriously. I mean, six hours is a long trip! So Virgin is always a pleasure, with your own personal TV and the more likely than not Law & Order Criminal Intent/SVU marathon that is running for 24 hours. LandO kept me company, along with the Chocolate Brownie Gnu bar, yumms!  I made a feeble attempt to sleep on the plane.  At this point, I have a little system down pat; window seat on the red eye for napping, aisle seat on the way home for extra leg stretching.

I got to Boston at a peachy 5 AM (2AM west coast time). Sweet! The T was running earlier than the official 6 AM start time and I navigated solo to Rachel’s stop. I know, I’ve got many talents. She met me at the station, still sleepy from her sorority formal the night before, aww! We passed by a Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery and immediately hit that up. I got a lovely oaty bagel with light cream cheese on the side. Carby heaven!


Me and the Rachiekins (hmmm, hope she doesn’t read that, she hates that nickname) chatted a bit before crawling into bed.  Actually, I crawled into bed and she slept on the floor. Hey, I offered to spoon but she insisted!! After a good rest, we hit up Panera. I got the Mediterranean hummus sandwich sans feta cheese (gross) and some french onion soup with french baguette for dipping action. I scooped most the cheese off the top. Unless it’s baked and bubbly, ehh, I don’t care about it all that much!



After lunch, Rachel went off to meet with one of her school groups (I have to add here, the group that INVENTED a braille labeler for the blind community. They won a grant from the MIT Ideas competition with the product and are continuing to move forward with marketing. How cool is that?!).  I made the most of the GORGEOUS weather on Friday and walked around Newbury St. Boston has gotten so trendy since I was last in the city, and I kind of loved it! Of course, I have always been there in the winter and it’s very east coast/fleeces/prep but the warm weather had everyone rocking the latest looks. Only I was wearing the CA uniform of workout leggings, tank and sweater that I wore on the plane, but that’s another story.

Rachel and I reunited for some J.P. Licks.  Actually, she watched while I drooled over all the flavors and finally settled on a small cookie dough & oreo mint combo. I am still dreaming of the oreo mint right now!



Then we rested up a bit before showering and beautifying for dinner. I always get SO jet lagged when I fly east!  I have heard a lot about Sonsie from blogs and my sis that we decided dinner & drinks there were in order. We started at the bar, where I got a yummy peach sangria.


Followed by a nice soft piece of dinner bread with some sort of hummus perhaps? It was hard to figure out!!



For dinner, we started with the vegetarian spring rolls & Vietnamese dipping sauce.  We each tried one and split the third.  They were very crispy!


Everything on the menu sounded awesome, but we finally both decided on pizzas for dinner. Mine had mushrooms, caramelized onion, mozzarella, AND brie cheese. HELLO LOVE! I had half my pizza and a slice of Rachel’s MOZZARELLA pizza with fresh tomato, basil pesto, and pecorino. I also had a glass of wine from the “Interesting Whites” section.  I went with the Marc Bredif Vouvray which was fine but nothing to write home about. Or, eh, blog about, which I just did!  The pizzas on the other hand were AH-mazing!!



We saved a tiny bit of room for dessert, the WARM RHUBARB CRISP with cinnamon oat crust and Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream. This dessert was the perfect amount of sweet!


After dinner, we went out with one of her friends and got trendy martinis.  Mine was espresso to help with that jet lag!



We finished off the night with a few sips of Corona at a Mexican bar before lots of amusing self-photography ensued.  I could entertain you with a slideshow here, but most of them are pretty embarassing shots of myself so you are gonna have to make do with one!


Saturday morning, we headed back out to Newbury Street for brunch at Charley’s.  All breakfast entrees came with a mimosa, love that!  Doesn’t the fizzy stuff at the top kind of look like Emergen-C?! I really think it might have been!!


Then our waiter brought over cute baby muffins for us to share.


For breakfast, I had poached eggs, potatoes, fruit, a dry english muffin and a few bites of bacon. It was a lot of food but at the same time, the perfect amount!  I think they actually followed portion sizes…crazy, right?!


After our brunch, Rachel and I went to get some warmer clothes. Apparently the bright sun was only making an appearance on Friday! Then we headed to Sweet to meet up with Mariposa and her Peanut!!!  Rach lives nearby this cute cupcake shop and wanted to buy me to one for a belated birthday treat.  There were so many to pick from, so I decided to get two minis so I could taste test both flavors! Red velvet and chocolate with chocolate 🙂


Don't these look gorgeous?!?

It was so nice of them to take the train into the city!!!  I had such a great time chatting about every little thing. She is just as funny and vivacious in person as she comes off on her blog. And the Peanut is seriously the cutest, smartest kid ever! Hi Peanut!! Thanks for coming to meet me you guys 🙂

After we left, I realized that our group never got a picture together!! You can check out the recap on What Do I Eat Now? though if you want to see a picture of my butt. HAHA. At least I am wearing cute jeans, right?!

Then Rachel, her roommates & I ventured out into the city for dinner.  Rachel’s big sister from her sorority cooked for us and some of the other girls on their gymnastics team.  All of her friends are so sweet!!  It was nice to meet them after hearing so much about them the last few years! Every other time I’ve gone to visit Rachel it has been during her winter break and the school is pretty emptied out.  Of course, now everyone was studying but at least I got to meet them! Her roommates are so fun — I can see why she loves them!

We started with a few glasses of very fruit-filled, delicious sangria.  Rachel tried to steal all my blackberries 🙂


Her friend made such a nice spread with salad, pasta & vodka sauce, veggies and garlic bread.  We enjoyed it VERY much! Here are our big, happy FULL smiles. Oh yeah, I had a butterscotch chip cookie for dessert; I might have been smiling (drooling?!?) over that too!!!


After dinner, a group of us went out to their college bar hangout.  We tried to make a cute picture happen but my camera wasn’t cooperating! The bar was slow at first, but then we met some cute boys who bought us drinks.  Even though the crowd was college-y, the guys we were talking with had already graduated, so I didn’t feel like an old lady 🙂

Several drinks and an awkward but entertaining ditching-boys-at-door scene later, I had a bowl of ice cream, topped with Lucky Charms.  Rachel lives in her sorority house and they have industrial-sized tubs of ice cream and cereal in a cafeteria-style dispenser. Ah, the temptation!!!


Sunday morning we slept in late and woke up to watch 30 Rock…and eat more Lucky Charms. Think, this bowl times two. My stomach is not used to so much sugar in the morning and was seriously hating on me for a bit. Of course, Rachel is a smart cookie and stuck with oatmeal.


After breakfast, we goofed around doing not much of anything until lunchtime. Then we met one of her friends for lunch at UBURGER. I went all out with a burger (on a wheat bun, does that count?!) and some very crispy and delicious french fries. Sorry, all I have to share with you is the lovely logo!


After eating, Rachel and I went for a long walk around the Charles River. It was so nice to just get some fresh air & talk and talk and talk. Of course, my Los Angeles celebrity radar spotted Adam Sandler and Kevin James running laps. Man, I just can’t shake these celebs, huh?!



When our feet got so tired we thought they would fall off, we headed back to Newbury St. and I grabbed an iced coffee at Starbucks — my first coffee since Thursday!  Then we decided to grab me some Cosi to take on the plane for dinner, so we walked back over the bridge to MIT and through her campus.  Our feet were seriously aching by the time we got home!!

Luckily, one of Rach’s sweet friends took a study break and drove us to the airport. He might have gotten a little lost but an illegal U-turn fixed that and got me to Logan in record time. It was so sad saying bye to Rachel!!! I had such a great time with her. Day to day living in CA is easy, but whenever I think of how rarely I get to spend time with my family, it really sucks.  I do hope she moves out to Cali and then I can see her all the time! Maybe my whole family will follow 🙂

Dinner was eaten in the airport while I was waiting to board. I got the Light Signature Salad and a slice of the regular bread. I don’t care about Cosi all that much either way but I LOVE the bread. I used to go there in college just to buy a slice!



Plus a Larabar because I was really craving something sweet!


The flight back was easy and uneventful. I got to watch many more episodes of LANDO and a few of House. After a few hours, my stomach was killing me so I broke into a Z-bar in case it was hunger. It wasn’t! My tummy is so weird lately!


My awesome roommate picked me up and carted my sleepy ass home!!!! I missed her!! I’ll fill you all in on my exciting return to work (haha) later so you don’t fall asleep through the longest post in the history of all time. I have so much catching up to do! Hope you are all having a great week 🙂


Thanks to K’s for my lyrical post title — Augustana! I had this song in my head the whole trip LOL