Back to the grind! I’m so excited for Memorial Day Weekend…two 3-day weekends in a row, YAY!  Monday morning I got back to the usual yogurt mess. I missed this baby.


Lunchtime came around and I was dying for a frozen diddy and some veggies, but we had to go out for a client lunch. Can you be sick of restaurant food?! Because I seriously am!!! I thought my boss was going to order a bunch of plates for the table but luckily I got to order my own dish. I started with a bowl of lentil/vegetable soup and had a wrap stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, hummus and avocado, with some greens on the side. I ate everything minus dressing. It felt good to eat clean!

Late afternoon I slipped in some more fruits with a cinnamon apple.


After work, I came home for a little QT with Becky.  She is off to NYC for the Teaching Fellows program and to conquer the city, one DVF dress at a time! We are gonna miss you BECK-O!!!!

Before she came over, I had a quick and easy dinner of one serving TJ eggplant, one serving TJ whole wheat pasta, and some TJ string beans. This night brought to you by Trader Joe’s, geez!!!


Dessert with Becky was also sponsored by TJ apparently!  Have you ever tried these Caribbean popsicles? They have real coconut flakes in them and are AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend them 🙂


My Three Things for Monday all revolved around lunch…

  1. Skipped the bread & tapanade on the table
  2. Ordered mixed greens on the side instead of fries
  3. Ate lentil soup instead of my favorite, the crock of french onion soup. Yup, oven baked cheese and all!

Today I got to work a little early and settled in with everyone’s updates.  I feel like I have been out of the loop and am catching up with you all, is that weird?!?  Then I ate a yogurt mess…how bored are you guys every time I say that??


I brought dinner leftovers to have for lunch but my plans were thwarted with another meal out.  Our old intern was in the area so she stopped by for a visit and we went to the food court to grab some eats. Subway to the rescue! I had the usual turkey/veggie sandwich, with a side of good boy gossip.


Something about it was OFF though and it just did not sit well. I thought I would try to trick my tummy with something simple and delicious — a cinnapple and 10 mini pretzels.  It actually kind of helped!


Then around 3:30, my afternoon was interrupted by an EARTHQUAKE!  Why oh why does every California native have to say, “Well, the big one is coming,” every time there is a little shake???  It freaks me out big time!!!  Our building is one of the “taller” ones (14 floors, yes, that’s somewhat tall in my area of LA) so it’s been built to sway with the earth.  Yes, that’s as fun as it sounds.  After the earthquake, I made a cup of rooibos tea to calm my nerves. I still can’t get used to the buildings shaking and swaying under my feet, can you blame me?!? Oddly, it also made me insanely hot and I was basically sweating, which was v. attractive.  I also had a Fiber One bar for some pre-workout fuel.


FINALLY I got to the gym! In case you all haven’t noticed, I’ve been slacking off on the exercise front lately.  I changed into my workout clothes at the office for added motivation and ended up pulling off an hour on the elliptical doing intervals thanks to the song shuffling on my iPOD!

After an hour of grocery shopping (thank goodness I ate that Fiber One bar to tide me over!), I headed home to cook up dinner.  Tonight I had chicken, sweet potato cheetahs (of all shapes and sizes!), and a nice bowl of lemon pepper seasoned veggies. So filling and clean!! This is my new mantra 🙂



Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Switched my cereal yogurt mess blend to 1/4 cup Kashi Honey Almond Flax, 1/4 cup Heart to Heart rather than the usual 1/2 cup of higher-calorie Honey Al. Flax
  2. Picked up Subway instead of other fattier food court fare!
  3. No after-dinner snacking

Wow, it’s late…I need to GET TO BED! Night loves!