I can’t believe it’s hump day already!!! My humps! Breakfast was the regular.  Doesn’t it look goooood?!?


After breakfast I called about 8 million editors and got in touch with three. Gah. All morning, I sipped on my latest discovery, a sparkler from Cascadia.  I picked up Black Cherry, Lime & White Grape last night at the grocery store to taste test! I am totally loving it!!  It is sweetened with Splenda though, so I don’t want to go crazy overboard with it I guess, but it worked amazingly today for a taste of sweet after my meals. This would be perfect for making low cal cocktails too!


Right at noon, I dug into Monday night’s leftovers. More TJ action!


After lunch, I took a little walk outside. I was in a FOG all day today and I just couldn’t shake it! The fresh air helped…a lil bit.  Around 3, I went for another walk with my work girlies for some iced coffee.  I also whipped out the biggest cinnapple ever!!! I put half in a bowl and nuked it for 2 minutes for some faux warm apple pie filling. The other half I started to eat cold and crunchy but the hot apples were so much better that I ended up cooking those too. I can’t believe I forgot about this easy, yummy treat! Nothing but apples & cinnamon and it was still perfectly sweet.

Look at all those slices! Jumbo apple, right?!

Look at all those slices! Jumbo apple, right?!

Hot apple deliciousness

Hot apple deliciousness

Okay, I’ll stop boring you with the endless apple discussion! After work, I met up with the office girls at Runyon Canyon for a hike. I just wasn’t feeling the gym today. This time, the fresh air kicked my fog for good! The trails were decently crowded as usual. The people watching at Runyon is awesome. I seriously stare people down. So many gorgeous shirtless men! And Jessica Biel today! She was walking her puppers 🙂

We hiked for maybe an hour, hour & a half before splitting up and heading home for food. Tonight I made the BOSSIEST salad ever.  Sorry Homegirl for stealing your vocab, but that’s the only word to describe it!  This baby had some lettuce blend, green onions, red onions (hmm double onions, no kissing for me tonight), mushrooms, grape tomatoes, baked tempeh squares, a few mango slices, a sprinkle of spaghetti squash, and some Catalina free dressing.


I ate the rest of the spaghetti squash salted on the side!


Right now I am watching Grey’s!!! I am so behind & I can’t wait to see this finale everyone is talking about! Just munching on some popcorn, the whole grain Target brand kind. I love this stuff!! A huge bag is 100 calories or less 🙂


Three Things for Wednesday

  1. Ordered iced coffee instead of a light frap at Starbucks
  2. Skipped the usual pre-workout bar (that apple was enormous, did I mention that already?!)
  3. Picked popcorn for my TV snack