The final fifteen minutes of Grey’s was awesome!!! I was freaking out, no big surprise there 🙂

Last night I had an epic dream involving my ex-boyfriend, his upcoming birthday, and all his friends, which was mildly traumatic. WHY are dreams so annoying sometimes?!?  I ended up waking up earlier than usual and got the morning started. Breakfast at work was the reg, with Heart to Heart this time instead of Honey Almond Flax.


Around 11:30, I started to feel weird and thought maybe I would make lunch early. But as soon as I stood up, I got intensely dizzy and nauseous. It felt like maybe my blood sugar dropped or something?  I say that because that happens to my mom a lot…. Anyway, one of the office girlies let me sit on her floor, in the attractive head-between-the-knees style, while she fed me a couple almonds and cashews.  It took me about 5 bites to eat each almond. I mean, seriously, what was going on with me?!?!  Then I laid down at my desk for a bit before the nuts kicked in and I felt ready to eat something substantial. Luckily my boss is out of town and everyone I work with is sweet as a peach, so no one minded when I turned out the lights and took a little head rest.

My client lunch got canceled today (thank god, right??) so I didn’t have to eat restaurant food AGAIN. How is it that the one week I decide I need to stop eating out so much I have to go out to lunch every day? Weird. I brought my favorite Lean Cuisine, leftover spaghetti squash, and a tiny leftover chicken strip from the other night. All mixed together! I was in total shock how good this tasted.


I should have just peaced out of work but I sucked it up and finished the day. I did skip the gym though and just stopped off at the car wash. My girl was diiiiiiiirtay! Now she is totally gorge. When I got home, Julia told me about her fresh homemade guacamole so I had to make a little tasting plate. How cute are these baby crackers?!


I could have kept snacking forever, so I decided to make dinner instead so I wouldn’t ruin my appetite. Side salad was quick and easy…


And I finished it off with a chile lime chicken burger and some sweet potato fries. You will be seeing a lot of these this weekend!!


Usually I go to sleep pretty late so I try to go to the gym or run errands after work so I can sit down for dinner between 8-9.  Tonight though, my plan is to get to bed earlier than usual so I got to eat before the sun set. It was nice!  I still wanted something sweet so out came the ice pop 🙂


Now I need to finish my laundry so I can get to bed early!! The three day weekend is SO CLOSE!

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Passed on cupcakes
  2. that came from SPRINKLES
  3. and included flavors like banana bread, red velvet, chocolate marshmallow, carrot pumpkin & coffee

Yes, that was worth all three. I turned down cupcakes from Sprinkles. Sometimes my willpower impresses even me 🙂

Night y’all!! Happy FRIDAY!