I am such an impatient person. Once I decide on something, I want it to happen IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately, that only works to my advantage when the situation is 100% in my control. Take my last job for instance. The day I decided I was FINISHED and couldn’t stay there anymore, I quit and found my current job in a week. Done and done.

Then there is weight loss. Technically in my control, but not my immediate control. At least, it doesn’t feel that way! For almost my whole life, I have maintained. I have been the same weight (within 5 pounds) since middle school, with two exceptions. One, when I studied abroad in France & two, right now. Due to LIFE and some stress/emotional BS over the last few months, I’ve turned to FOOD for comfort and gained a few pounds. Okay, close to 10 pounds. I saw my sister last weekend and in true family fashion, she gave it to me straight and conceeded that yes, I have gained weight and yes, I should do something about it. Honestly, I needed to hear it!

I think my three big issues right now are eating out, boozing, and comfort eating. All of them require willpower, which I swear I have, but it sometimes gets lost. I know that anything cooked in a restaurant is going to have more calories than what I make for myself. I think this is something I can definitely work on. Of course, I have work lunches and outings with friends that I can’t or won’t skip & avoid, but even my choices when I am out at restaurants can be better.

Boozing is a whole other story. I drink a lot on weekends. I am always with people who drink like fish, and when you are getting drinks handed to you and you aren’t whipping out that credit card, it is easy to lose track. I’m not planning to STOP going out and getting a drink, but I think that I will have to break up with margaritas and martinis for a while. Thank goodness I love wine! And since I always feel sort of naked at a bar without a drink in my hand, I am going to try to switch off with water or diet coke.

Then there is the comfort eating. That could be a whole post in itself! I have turned to food way to much lately. I was reading an article in a magazine recently and it was talking about doing something, ANYTHING else when your mind needs comforting. I automatically jump to food but I definitely need to find something more productive and healthy to comfort myself. Suggestions are definitely welcome!

Anyway, I talked about this a lot with Rachel over the weekend, and Jules when I got back, so it’s been on my mind and I wanted to share with you all! In theory (and in practice), I really do enjoy cooking and eating healthy, especially in the summer where all I want are fruits and grilled veggies. It’s more those three things mentioned above that will sabotage me if I let them!

I’m just SO ready to get my groove on again!!!


It ain’t easy though. A huge part of me wants to say f that. I just want one of those cupcakes still sitting in our office! Luckily I have lots of amazing friends and a truly fantastic life to distract me.


We are so happy and in love!!

For the most part, everyone says they can’t really tell. But I can see it and feel it…you notice when you are carrying an extra 10 pounds, you really do! I just want to GET IT OFF so I won’t have to worry about this anymore. Maintaining has been the one thing I’ve been pretty good at all my life. I just need to get back to that point again! Be patient with me, mmmk?! But feel free to kick my ass too. I honestly NEED IT! Sorry if this is a really boring post, I just needed to put it up for myself, as a confession AND a reminder.