I’m so glad the weekend is here! Too bad it’s not supposed to be hot enough for the beach. I might head down there anyway though, just to stick my toes in the sand. And possibly hit up Third Street Promenade for some shopping 🙂

Yesterday was a pretty slow day at work. Most of the editors in NYC were already gone for the weekend. Breakfast was the usual, a yogurt mess with a mix of fresh & frozen fruit and Kashi.


Just before lunch, the office crew started calling for In N Out. Something tells me that is not so diet friendly! I made a Lean Cuisine pizza instead, with lots of mixed veggies on the side.



The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning & switching offices. One of the girls is leaving (sad!!), but I am getting her office which has a huge window. YAY sunlight! I also snagged a really cute pair of neon pink designer shorts from one of our client promotions. They are a teensy bit tight but I am planning to make them fit soon, ya know?!

We got out of work an hour early so I stopped by the gym for 40 minutes on the elliptical. Then I went to the grocery store and got some goodies for the weekend, like corn on the cob and WATERMELON.  I picked out the smallest melon and it ended up being 16.43 lbs for only $3.12.  How awesome is that?!? I got home feeling weak-in-my-knees hungry and quickly cut up my watermelon. Think I have enough??


I ate a lovely bowl full, plus plenty more while I was cutting it up.


The watermelon totally filled me up and kept me satisfied until I sat down for dinner & a movie around 9. I was craving some pizza even though I had it at lunch (Lean Cuisine pizza SO doesn’t count!!!), so I made some homemade half whole wheat, half white flour dough and topped it with tomato sauce, 1/4 cup low-fat light mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and red onion.  I just divvied my dough up into three parts and saved two.  This way, I am essentially eating 1/3 of the pizza but it feels like I get to eat a whole huge pie!


I also got some Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches for dessert. At only 140 calories and 2 WW points, these are a great alternative to buying a container of ice cream.  When I do that, I am tempted to just keep going and going, but with the ice cream sandwiches, I am happy and satisfied with just one. Smart thinking, huh 🙂


With my pizza and ice cream, I watched Crash.  Steph lent me this movie ages ago but I sort of forgot about it. For anyone like me who lives under a rock and never heard of it, Crash basically explores a series of interweaving stories that take place in LA over 2 days that all involve racism, bigotry, and stereotypes…it was really interesting w/ a great cast and I definitely recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet!

Three Things for Friday

  1. Passed on In N Out for lunch (my office LOVES to eat!!)
  2. Decided against a glass of wine with my dinner & movie
  3. Wanted to dip my Skinny Cow in sprinkles for some extra sugary crunch, but didn’t…where do I think of these things 🙂

Oh! By the way, thanks everyone for your supportive comments on my last post.  They are so, so appreciated, you have no idea!!!