Welcome back to the real world everyone! This morning I woke up and found out I left my portable coffee mug at work on Friday…oops. Think that might stop me?! Nope, Godiva coffee was getting drink. drank. drunk. no matter what! So I took a regular mug into the car and possibly spilled all over my pants. It was so worth it 🙂

Breakfast was a yogurt mess! Surprise, surprise.


The whole team went out to lunch today at Breadbar. It’s hard to cut back on restaurant eating when you have to do it for work! I seriously never noticed how often we go out to eat, but I think I’m really getting a handle on this stuff!!! Today I ordered a bowl of the vegan white bean broth-based soup and half a grilled chicken/grilled veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread. When I looked around the table and saw the cheesy french onion soups & grilled cheese sandwiches, I gave myself a nice pat on the back 🙂

Today at work I got to read through some fun food magazines.  I had to stare down this little beauty in Women’s Health!!!


The article was pretty interesting though. It was all about dealing with food temptations.  “Research shows that willpower is a kind of mental muscle, and like any muscle, it can get stronger.” Don’t you love that?? I am SO working out my willpower muscle!


Lunch held me over all afternoon, but I got a little snacky around 4 so I had a cinnapple.


I intended to hit up the gym after work but home was calling my name so I headed there instead.  Dinner tonight was more portobello…I had bought two and the other one was just staring up at me from the fridge!

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website:

Dietitian’s tip: The meaty-textured portobello mushroom is the perfect stand-in for a hamburger. One portobello mushroom has about 30 calories and no fat or cholesterol. By comparison, a 3-ounce hamburger patty has 235 calories, 16 grams of fat and 76 milligrams of cholesterol.

Sweet! Good thing I totally LOVE portobello mushrooms. I forget about these for a while but I’m sure you will be seeing them more often now that I’ve rekindled the love affair 🙂

I topped my bello with 1 tbsp soyaki sauce, then placed the whole thing under the broiler for 5 minutes on each side. How easy is that?! For the side, I baked some sweet potato fries, red peppers & red onions and heated up a bowl of lemon pepper sprinkled broccoli. Such a light, filling dinner!




For dessert, I had another Skinny Cow of course. Sorry that you guys are stuck with the same picture every morning AND every night!!


Three Things for Tuesday

  1. Ordered the vegan bean broth soup instead of french onion
  2. Got my sandwich dry, without the curry mayo
  3. Switched the egg bread/hamburger roll that came with my sandwich for whole wheat toast

Right now I am watching a bunch of new Lando episodes (Law & Order for anyone who doesn’t hear me call them that all the time haha) but am planning to put myself to bed somewhat early so I have more energy tomorrow.  Hope you all had a great day back after the mini-vaycay!!!