I woke up late again and was racing to get out of the apt. I keep turning my alarm totally off instead of hitting snooze and then falling back asleep. Oops! I was only a few minutes late though, so no biggie. I was v. ready for my regular yogurt mess when I got to the office. Look at all that pretty pink!!


Today I wore my new (err old hand-me-down) Gucci heels I was telling you guys about!! Aren’t they sexaay?!


At lunch, I resurrected the Perfect 10 bagels. YUM!!!!! For anyone who doesn’t know, they are 140 calories (20 fat cals), 2g fat (no sat or trans fat), 9g fiber, and 18 GRAMS OF PROTEIN! If I can’t have a local NJ bagel, these are second best!!! I used 1 tbsp. Better ‘N Peanut Butter and 1 tbsp. PB Chocolate Dreams to top my toasty goodness.


I also had a mango on the side.


Thursday is Farmers’ Market day! I got some good fresh veggies with E. while we vented about work and grabbed iced coffees.


I couldn’t even drink half of this cause it gave me a weird caffine overload headache. I made everyone jealous instead with my piping hot cinnapple. Seriously jealous…I had to share!!


After work I hit the gym for a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical. I cut out early so I could get to the library and Fresh & Easy. I needed to go to Target too but I felt weak in the knees and just wanted to eat.  How could I not dig into my Farmers’ Market goodies for a yummy bake?? This bowl of roasted deliciousness included eggplant, zuccini, carrots, red onions, sweet potato, portobello mushrooms, and red peppers, topped with fresh basil, lemon pepper & salt. It was even better than it looks!


Dessert was a two part snack. Can you guess #1???


Yup, a little date with the cow. I was still feeling snacky so I had some fruit. MMMers.


Right now my tummy feels weird like I could be hungry but I think my stomach is just hating on me. Can you believe tomorrow is Friday?! My boss comes back tomorrow and I have a lot of work to get done. Then it’s the weekend again already!!I can’t wait til it gets hotter here so I can start beaching it up.

Three Things for Thursday

  1. Skipped the chips side with lunch
  2. Brought a Fiber One bar to eat before the gym but had my apple instead
  3. Made my veggie dinner without any sauces or oils (au naturale baby!)