I had another sleepy/snacky day! Unfortunately, I also had work and apparently sleeping and eating all day is frowned upon at the office, hmmm. For breakfast, I squeezed in a yogurt mess before the big Monday meeting.


It wasn’t too bad today, but it did drag through the whole morning and right up to noon. I didn’t bring a lunch today so I had to pick something up and had the hardest time deciding! E. and I ended up heading to Coral Tree Cafe for a bowl of onion soup and half a special tuna sammie (no mayo anywhere!!).Β  I usually get this tuna on a salad but was craving the soup & bread today. Sorry about the cell phone pics!


The soup had one little slice of french bread floating on top. It looked funny, but tasted great!


After lunch, I still felt crazy snacky but held off for a bit before digging into a Blueberry Z-Bar. YUM!


All my food lasted me throughout the rest of the day and until dinner. I was practically nodding off at my desk by 5, so I skipped the gym and headed home instead. I started with a bowl of mixed veggies topped with lemon pepper.


Then I used the last 1/3 of my pizza dough to make a lil pie topped with mushrooms, green peppers, fresh basil, red onion and red pepper flakes. SO GOOD!!! I’m drooling all over my own picture and could definitely eat this again right this second!


Yup, the hunger bug won’t stop biting me so I drove over to Yogurtland for a cup of froyo. Those little brown dots are choc covered sunflower seeds. They were awesome!


I’m gonna try to get into bed early so maybe I will have more energy tomorrow. Hopefully I’ve banished the munchies for the rest of the week πŸ™‚

Three Things for Monday

  1. Stopped snacking after the z-bar (this actually required some willpower LOL)
  2. Made a bowl of steamed veggies to bulk up dinner
  3. Measured the sauce & cheese for my pizza